Cabin Fever

So I'm leaving for Ohio tomorrow (don't worry I'll still be blogging lol) and realize I am the typical Florida girl whose closet is full of tank tops, bathing suits and shorts. This doesn't give me a lot to pack to go off to a farm where it's going to be 30 degrees at night! So I've been on the hunt this morning for sweaters, jackets and anything long sleeve to keep me from catching hypothermia. These are my favorites and must have's for winter!

Love this sweater from

Photography by Marisol

Layering for winter is a must! I'm always getting hot, cold, hot, cold and going inside to outside. So layering is the perfect solution! Then you always have the option to peel off a layer or add depending on the temperature. It's definitely a good idea to just get a basic tank or long sleeve to have as your base layer and then go from there by adding a long sleeve shirt over the tank or if you are wearing a long sleeve as your base, go straight for a sweater. Sweaters are always nice to have. Even if you're just going to a class, they always keep those rooms freezing! Make sure your sweater can breathe and doesn't suffocate you! We don't want to be that warm. I'd have to say most important and one of the things you should invest in this winter is a good, solid coat. Depending on where you're going this winter, and even during some nights here as we get into November and December, you will need a good coat or jacket! The ones below are awesome! So comfy and keep you warm but without burning a hole in your wallet! Make sure your coat fits you well. The seams on the shoulders should match up with right where your shoulder curves down to your arm. You also want to make sure when you reach forward or stretch back that it's not pulling and too tight across the chest. Sometimes this might cause you to go up a size, especially if you plan on wearing a ton of layers underneath or a super thick sweater. It's a good idea to wear or take a sweater or long sleeve to try on with the coat or jacket just to make sure. Check out what I found this morning and some of which I will be packing tonight!

Photography by Marisol

Love the mix of material used in this gray jacket!

Perfect sweater for layering or can always make it into a dress by wearing a tube slip underneath!

My fave! I love mine! Perfect military olive green coat!

Obsessed with this sweater! Just the right amount of sparkle to jazz it up a bit!

Perfect for any afternoon no matter where you are! A classic for sure!

Love this! A hint of modern over-sized fit mixed with a vintage look!

For the edgy, rocker that is in all of us!!!!
These are some of the looks I am in love with right now. All of this stuff is available at Sophie & Trey's online store or 4th & Ocean's online store!

Who says you can't look sexy in winter too?!? Wearing this easily can!!
Check out the online sites!!! Tomorrow is Friday!!!!!!!

Love, Dani