Game Day!

Ok this is my first blog post from my cell phone and the Blogger app sooooo not exactly sure how this works ;) Bare with me.
It's Saturday and that means college game day! I have to say "Go Bucks!", as I am in Ohio and on my way to begin tailgating. I am loving my game day outfit! I am decked out from head to toe in red & gray and practically a walking billboard for Sophie & Trey! I am sporting my amazing red jeans, comfy brown boots with the red zipper on the side and my super warm yet stylish gray mixed material jacket!

On game day it is very important for u females to be comfortable and show our team spirit but on the other note we want to look cute and attractive! Sophie & Trey is always offering a variety of colors and styles for a game day outfit! By always having solid colored tanks, skirts and dresses you can easily mix and match to fit your own team colors. Then you can always choose an accessories to bring the two together!

Here's how I am doing it today! Everything is from the two stores except my "Ohio" t-shirt. My jacket is from our online store at; the boots are available at 4th & Ocean, red jeans are from Sophie & Trey but no longer available...Orange & a rust red are coming soon to the store so be on the lookout!!!!

Ohio State, UF, FSU, UCF, matter what your team you can be sure to find a cute and spirited outfit for your game day look!!
Just cause it's a man sport doesn't mean us women can't show our support from the sidelines and look amazing doing it! ;) Hope you all enjoy your Saturday!!!