Saturday, Sunshine and a Sweater Dress...

Doesn't get much better on a Saturday when you head out early with 2 of your close girlfriends and head off to the Farmer's Market & brunch! Loving this brisk morning weather and pulling all my fall clothes out from the back of my closet. I smiled ear to ear as I pulled my long sleeved, gray mini sweater dress over my head, slipped on my gray knee high socks and zipped up my camel boots! I'd have to say this look is definitely one of my faves by far for fall! So versatile you can wear it casual or dress it up depending on the time of day and event you are going to. A great mini sweater dress is a key piece to have in your fall collection this season. When shopping for one you definitely want to make sure its warm by having a polyester or wool material but be careful about comfort and the material being able to breathe.  You also don't want too much bulk to where you can see your figure. Have fun with color too when picking out your dress! Bold is big this fall season as well, so maybe mix it up a bit with a jade or blue! Or add color in with your accessories. My statement piece for my outfit was my bag! Perfect for an overnight tote, work/school bag or today I used it to put all my farmer's market finds in. The most important thing is that you feel good in the dress you're wearing and everything else will fall into place! Check out how I did it to get some ideas and try this look yourself!

Steal this look! 
Sunglasses, Bag, Necklace, Knee high socks from Sophie & Trey
Mini Sweater Dress, Boots from 4th & Ocean
*Not pictured - Nude slip under dress

Side note - 4th & Ocean is closed tomorrow, Oct 23rd! 
Check back tomorrow for Sunday's post and get a sneak peek at the new, expanded 4th & Ocean store!!!!!! So excited!!!!!

Happy shopping!!! Enjoy your Saturday!! 
Love, Dani