The Slip Dress

What do you think of when you hear the word "slip"? I think of my mom's white satin slip with lace on the bottom that she use to wear in the late 80's and 90's underneath her skirts or dresses. Not very appealing to me but surprisingly I now wear a slip on the regular. They aren't your average loose, satin looking one you might think of. Not everyone is aware that at Sophie & Trey you can get one of these amazing slips! I swear by them. Not only are they the perfect thing to make that semi sheer dress or skirt opaque but they also aid in helping those little bumps and lumps fade into the fabric. For example that problem most of us have when our bra strap cuts a bit into our back and there's a line you can see. This slip dress helps!

In order: Gray, nude, black, white, brown and ivory
Tank style $19.99

Strapless or spaghetti strap $14.99

We have a few different varieties depending on what you are going to use it for and wear it with! There is the spaghetti strap, a tank strap and strapless. All fabulous! They are one size fits all and stretch. The best part is that they aren't overly tight! These are not Spanx, they are better! The material is so soft and comfortable you won't even believe it!

The slip dress can literally be used as a dress! I wear my black one all the time and people always comment on how much they love it. I tell them it's not even a dress or skirt and show them how it is a basic slip. You can adjust how long or short you want it when you put it on, just pull it to the desired length. If you've been looking for the perfect black skirt this makes the best one. Also it works wonders on if you have a dress or tunic you just love and want to wear as a dress but is too short. My solution...Just put one of these under it and it will add length to that tunic or dress so it looks like it's part of the outfit. With this slip you don't have to worry about it riding up or being blown up in the wind. The are definitely a staple item to have in your closet. I would say a nude and black would be your first purchases if you don't buy them all at once! See how Rachel and I did it...

Photography by Marisol
Rachel is wearing the black strapless slip with a floral sheer top that ties in the front. Top available at
Here the gray spaghetti slip is wore under a simple fuschia sheer sweater available online at

Photography by Marisol

How amazing and simple is that? Next time you are in the store make an effort and just try one on! They are so handy and you will use them all the time! Trust me.

Hope your Sunday Funday is relaxing! I'm heading back home to Orlando after an amazing weekend! Definitely loved bundling up in all of my winter wear!

Love, Dani

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