Spice up your life with tights!

Photography by Marisol

Printed tights? Yes please! I have found one of my new favorite trends for the fall season! I don't know why I have never gotten into this before! I mean I've worn tights, but these are fabulous! I'm not sure why no one really gets into printed ones. Tights offer a nice layer for cool weather, especially here. Now with a print they can be the center of the outfit and yet so simple. 

Photography by Marisol
Photography by Marisol

Printed tights available at Sophie & Trey $6.99

I'm loving the solid ones too, mainly to just add warmth but it also keeps my outfit looking clean. Also a classic is just the simple sheer brown, gray and black. Always a favorite that can be added to anything you wear. Go fun and flirty with a bold color!
Sophie & Trey -Sheer Tights - Tan, Green & Pink $6.99

The "knit" looking ones are pretty awesome and my 2nd fave behind the printed because they add the stripes down your legs. As a result it adds a little detail but also makes your legs look longer and leaner. Who doesn't love that?! Tights are given enough credit and get lost in the whole leggings and jeggings trends. We tend to forget that tights are also in the mix and great alternative. You can wear tights with a dress, shorts, skirts and even under a pair of jeans that have holes or rips so they peek through.

Tights - Sophie & Trey               Boots - 4th & Ocean

Tights - Sophie & Trey            Wedges - Sophie & Trey

"Knit looking" tights at Sophie & Trey $9.00

According to the survey results about your fall faves....printed tights tied as last place along with fur and leather trends. Now that you can seen how FABULOUS they can be, I dare you to go out, grab a pair and try this trend!!! You won't regret it. Send me a pic of how you wore your tights at danirae.kemp@gmail.com and I'll post the top 3!!

Also yesterday Rachel and I went downtown and had an AMAZING shoot with Marisol Rodriguez!! It was a blast and I can't wait for you to see more pictures she took!!!!! The one above with the printed tights is all her talent!!! She is THE BEST!!! Check her out, "LIKE" her page and begin to book your next shoot!!!

Facebook - Photography by Marisol

Have fun picking out prints!!
Love, Dani

The booties in the first pictures are available at Sophie & Trey store.
The teal jacket is available online at www.sophieandtrey.com 
All tights available at Sophie & Trey store.