Survey Says Your Fall Fave is...

Over the weekend I took a survey and asked the question:

*What Fall trend are you looking forward to wearing/trying the most this season?

A. 60's inspired printed tights with a bold color dress?
B. A fur vest
C. Faux leather leggings, pencil skirt or high waisted shorts
D. A bow blouse paired with skinnies and booties
E. A cape or poncho
F. Knee high socks with boots

And the survey said the fall favorite you're most looking forward to is....
Coming in 2nd place was - A bow blouse paired with skinnies and booties. 
3rd was - A cape or poncho and then tied for last is 60's inspired tights, fur vest and faux leather.
I personally and excited for all of them but the one I am looking forward to the most is the 60's inspired tights! I'll show you the best ways to wear the 3rd place trends on Wednesday! I'm determined to convince you each to try one of these looks cause they are amazing and can be so much fun! You just have to be willing to take a chance, switch it up and put it on!

Knee high socks with boots is pretty basic and can go with anything. This season it's about colors, design and wearing them with booties! Whether you have shorts, a skirt or dress knee high's are the answer. Especially living in Florida where cold is not like the Midwest, a long sleeved dress or skirt with a blouse makes perfect sense to wear the knee high/boots combo to add some extra warmth without being too hot. This fall season above the knee high socks are the trend! From red, gray, black or brown don't be afraid to pull those socks right above the knee. Add some spice with a design as well! Make those the focal and statement piece to your outfit! If you are a a person with shorter legs you might want to stick with right under the knee so it elongates your legs rather than if they were above where they would be swallowing your legs. Another hot trend this season is pairing the knee highs with ankle boots or loafer booties! Definitely a must try. Trust me you will like it! Take a look at these fabulous knee high's!
 LOVE the red for a pop of color to any outfit! Brown and black always CLASSIC!
At Sophie & Trey for only $9.99
Who doesn't want to be like a Gossip Girl!?!
 Patterns are perfect for that solid colored dress or jean shorts & a tank!
At Sophie & Trey only $5.00
Definitely some great examples! Loving Sarah Jessica Parker's look on the far right!! She always knows how to do it right! Another fave is the mix match striped with leopard loafers (2nd one in)!! 

So for a fun, flirty and never fail look put on your newest pair of knee high's whether above or below the knee and pair them with your boots or booties and head out!

Happy Monday!

Love, Dani