Today in Fashion History...

On October 25th, 1960 the first electronic wrist watch was put out for sale in New York.

Today in 2011, the watch trend has turned into the boyfriend fit and wrap watch. I've never been a huge watch wearer until working at the store. A watch is not just a thing to tell time anymore, we have cell phones for that now ;) It's more of an accessory! I now own 3 watches....Yes far!!! I wear them all the time! I have a gold, a rose gold with black face and a wrap gray one that has studs and crystals (which is my new fave). One for any and every outfit or occasion I might put together! A watch is a nice piece to help create your overall look. It can dress up or dress down any outfit. Right now the Michael Kors is HOTT!! Yes if I could afford to have every color...actually even ONE color I totally would! At the same time I am a smart shopper! Why spend that when I can have the that amazing look for an even better amazing price!!! For my budget and the savvy shopper, Sophie & Trey's imitation Michael Kors is the closest and most perfect I've seen! Each watch shown and available at the store is only $29.99! So now I can afford to have every color!! PERFECT!

Michael Kors look like this...

Sophie & Trey's look like this...
Such a variety and you can barely tell the difference between the Michael Kors. 

 The wrap watches are a simple solution, especially to those of you who have tiny wrists and think the boyfriend fit is too big to wear. The wrap ones you don't even have to have links taken out you can just wrap it around to fit how you want! So easy!!

 This below is my NEW FAVE!!! Studs & glamour all rolled into one! Casual dressy...I think so!!

Use your watch to express your style and personality as well as give your outfit that extra pizazz! 
It's something SO simple but WELL worth it!

I've definitely turned into a watch person! Maybe not even to tell time but just to make the ambiance of my ensemble whole! Loving them all! Especially at this price messing around with different colors to add a pop to any outfit! So many options and styles, come check them out!

Enjoy your Tuesday!!
Love, Dani