Behind the Scenes : This Week's Website Photoshoot

Have you ever been looking at our website and wonder how we do our shoots and what goes on?

Well here's your inside look!!! Last night we had a photo shoot for our online stores! If you don't know yet we have and! Check out the links if you haven't there is some amazing and fabulous stuff!! It's all totally different items then what we carry in the store. Same type of styles and brands but exclusively available only through the web!

There's like a week of preparing Ryan does for organizing the clothes and what pieces will be featured on the websites. Since we get boxes daily of new stuff, she goes through and puts aside what will be in that upcoming shoot. We do shoots, for the most part, every two weeks ;) Sometimes it gets pushed back if we have holidays or events going on. We start around 6 or 6:30 and usually takes about about 2 hours to shoot everything. Michelle Stromberg Photography takes our pictures and we shoot at their location which is right next to the OLD 4th & Ocean spot, at 142 W. Lakeview Avenue, Suite #1050, Lake Mary, FL 32746. Michelle is amazing! She is the Queen at what she does! She makes everything so easy, fun and comfortable! CHECK HER OUT!! Here's some photos she took of our own Kristin, from her wedding to her maternity pictures! STUNNING!

Michelle Stromberg Photography

Michelle  Stromberg Photography
Michelle Stromberg Photography
Contact her today and you too can be a model!!!! Pictures last forever!!!!!
Email Michelle or call 407-474-7315 now for an appt!

As far as the models go, they are our own staff! We like to keep it real! Especially since our photos aren't edited and re-touched! Ha ha ha! Right now the models are Rachel (the blonde), Savannah (the brunette) and myself, Dani (black hair).

Me (Dani)

Our photo shoots are pretty much like a girls night with a ton of outfit changes. We have fun! We chat about our personal lives, the stores, plan events and of course the clothes. We are always picking out what we want to buy and planning outfits ;)

An average shoot will go as follows. We all pretty much arrive and make sure our make up is good for the lighting, meaning we have smoky eyes and natural lips. Ryan is usually steaming the clothes, Michelle is setting up lighting and us models are changing into our first outfits. It's pretty much an open room and there's no room for modesty. We're all girls. So clothes go flying and then it's accessorizing time. On a great shoot there's always one person shooting and taking pictures while the others are changing and prepping for their turn. Sometimes outfit look fierce and sometimes they fail! Ha ha ha. Yes even on us sometimes things don't fit right or look good but that's why there's 3 of us and eventually one person can work it! It's a really good time messing around and coming up with new poses. Some poses look like we actually know what we're doing and some just should have us cropped out of the frame. Ha ha ha. At S&T we definitely know how to have a good time. There's a lot of laughing that goes on for sure! Here's some photos I took from last night's shoot!


This is our organized disaster

Our stage

The genius behind the camera
Getting all angles


Now go to our websites and check them out! You won't regret it!

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IN-STORE PICKUP IS AVAILABLE!!!! So you can get all the fabulous things you want with NO SHIPPING CHARGE!!!! It's so easy with just a few clicks you can look straight out of your own photo shoot everyday!

Any questions feel free to call our customer service line for the sites at 407-402-2398.

Kick back, relax and click away! 
Happy Online Shopping!! XOXO
Love, Dani