Belts Can Be Your Best Friend!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of December! Woo hoo! Today we set up the Christmas tree at the store and I am currently working on the snowflakes that will complete our Holiday window display! Super excited! You all must come and see!

Anyways...moving on. Yesterday I wore this amazing maxi dress that I absolutely love! I bought it from S&T about 5 or 6 months ago! When I first tried this dress on it was super huge! I was bummed. It said small but the dress fit more like a one size fits all. I had no shape and looked like a box but I just loved everything about the dress. I loved the neckline, the colors, print and length. It was to die for! My solution: A belt!!! So simple yet what a HUGE change. It fixed everything! It gave me shape, flattered my figure and completed to outfit. I get so many compliments every time I wear it! You would never even know how huge it is on me. Check out these photos we took and see the difference for yourself!

 Without the belt

 With the belt!

See the difference! So amazing! Belts are such a great accessory that can polish off any look, define your waistline and add dimensional interest plus add some edge!!! You can affectively wear belts over any top, jacket or dress! Here's some guidelines for wearing a belt.

  1. Find your sweet spot: Position of the belt is key. Sometimes it could be a little higher than your natural waistline and sometimes a little lower. If you’re regular bust size and carrying a little extra around the midriff, positioning a belt just above the waistline. If you’re short waisted and are bustier up top, position the belt lower than the waistline in front and at waist level in the back is often the solution. If you’re long wasited, wear a belt high on the natural waist.
  2. Pick a width: Once you’ve found your sweet spot consider width of the belt. An elastic wider belt worn a little above your midriff extra bits does the trick or sometimes position it right on your midriff works. If you have a straight, undefined waistline, a narrower belt positioned a little lower in front can work for you. If you have a long waist try wearing extra wide belts and for a short waist try a skinny belt.
  3. Think about contrast: Try a belt that will color block your outfit. Think about what color you will use to contrast. The brighter the color the more attention will be drawn to your waistline.
  4. Add another layer: Layering a jacket or cardigan over a top to have a worry free belt effective outfit. The belt will add dimension to your look.
  5. Elastic is your friend: You may not think so but the elastic will give you comfort and it stretches with you when you move.  
  6.  Give it time: You may not be used to belts but over time you will feel confident and comfortable with them! They can be your best friend. 

Take those tips and try this trend yourself!

We just a new shipment of belts in and they are FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! No lie! You must come check them out! From studs to rhinestone and solids to prints. We have you covered! Plus they usually run about $12.99-$14.99!!!! Can't beat that!!!!!

Here's to slimming our waistline so easily!!! :)

Love, Dani