Friday night out, Saturday morning in.

Oh Saturday, I love you. Well last night I went out to celebrate my birthday, which actually isn't till Monday the 14th but going out on a weekday isn't as much fun ;) My man took me to Houston's for THE BEST dinner! He wined and dined me and spoiled me with my favorite, the grilled artichokes and then a filet! So good. Then headed over to Taps where some of my friends met us. He did good ;) It was a great night out!

Of course I had to have a birthday outfit! ;) I wore this fabulous color block dress from S&T that I love! Since it was chilly last night I added my tuxedo black blazer which you can get at S&T online. I finished the look off with my black booties from 4th & Ocean and a pair of earrings from S&T. 

Dress - Sophie & Trey        Booties - 4th & Ocean
This has to be one of my top 10 outfits. Obsessed!
Here's some photos from last night's birthday celebration in my fierce outfit!

Now after a night of fun on the town I am thankful for my Saturday outfit from 4th & Ocean which is gray sweatpants and a Junk Food tee, which are the softest t-shirts every and look super cute! These are two of my faves that I own and wear all the time!!!

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend! I know I am! Food, movies, my man and the couch! Ha ha ha! Tomorrow is Sunday Fun-day! Yay!


Love, Dani