Hats & Headbands

Love! At Sophie & Trey
Birthday fun is over and I had the best one yet! 28 is going to be great! So onto the next event and for me that's Thanksgiving!!! I am off to Ohio again on Tuesday till Friday! Super excited to be going back. Guess his parents approve! Ha ha ha. So with that comes even colder weather than when I was there before. Definitely going to need a hat!

How Glamorous!! At Sophie & Trey
Headbands, hats, and anything else you can wear in your hair or on your head are being craved this season!! Wore by all the celebrities they are the perfect thing to add to any outfit plus stay warm and keep the rays from hitting your face.

Fabulous for some high waisted, flare pants! At Sophie & Trey
We have so many options at the store! If you were at the Fashion Show last week at least half our looks were finished off with some sort of hair accessory!!! Treat headbands & hats the same you would a pair of shoes. They can be the focal point and steal the show or they can tone down and just be an accessory to complete the look! Have fun with them! It's always awesome to change up your look and do something different!! Here's some of what's available in the stores and looks off the runway!!

Everyday headbands at Sophie & Trey

Excuse my face hahaha ;)

4th & Ocean - Perfect for any Saturday
Raenewed Pieces handmade headbands at 4th & Ocean

Packing this for Ohio! At 4th & Ocean

Hurley hats too!!! At 4th & Ocean
MUST HAVE!!! At 4th & Ocean
Adds that extra something!!! At 4th & Ocean
Plus all the headbands I make are available at 4th & Ocean!! Check them out!! They are mostly all on satin covered metal headbands with a crystal applique!!! Pictures are above!! You can check out my facebook too - Raenewed Pieces but head into 4th because I just put a bunch out for the fashion show! So get them while they're haute!!! They are the perfect little extra for any outfit!!! Definitely a must wear for the holiday's and New Years!!!

Happy headband & hat hunting!!!

Love, Dani