The Perfect Thanksgiving Look!

It's officially the week of Thanksgiving!!!! I love this time of year! Time to throw on a sweatshirt and unbutton those pants. Ha ha ha. Man this month has flown by! Last night we had our annual Thanksgiving dinner with friends. About 40 adults and 10 children gathered together at my good friend Ashley's house to celebrate Thanksgiving. Everyone brought a dish & drinks to share.  It was a really fun night just hanging out, eating, drinking and catching up with old & new friends! PLUS, it gives everyone a reason to get dressed up and put on some festive outfits. So of course I found the PERFECT Thanksgiving dinner look!!!!

I love this strapless dress! So flattering by how the material is wrapped and sewed together! The colors are just right for a festive Thanksgiving/Fall look! The browns, wine red, dark greens and how they all compliment each other are so stunning! You can't take your eyes off it like an abstract painting in a museum! I paired it with the brown suede boots from S&T. They have a thicker heel which I adore in boots and that strap that wraps around the ankle adds so much to the whole look! The boots totally completed the dress! I got sooooo many compliments on my outfit. I was going for a "festive, effortless, semi-dressy/casual look" and think this was just that! It was flawless!!! Definitely the perfect Thanksgiving outfit!

Dress and Boots available at Sophie & Trey

My good friend Abbey's daughter, Anna (who was wearing one of the flower hair clips I made) and Me at the dinner last night.

Kat and I in the kitchen

So hurry in to copy this look or find another look for your Thanksgiving plans!!
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Happy shopping!


Love, Dani