Sexy Little Things

So I'm off to a bachelorette party in Daytona! Congrats to the beautiful Melissa Rose! Excited to have some girl time and party the bride! So with a bachelorette celebration comes the lingerie party! Making sure the bride is ready and set to go for the wedding night and honeymoon! :) Oo La La!!! So here are my suggestions from the store for some sexy little things for yourself or a gift!

Hanky Panky's! Number one on the list by far. I am obsessed!! I have completely replaced all of my underwear with Hanky Panky thongs! I know at $18 a pop you are thinking that is expensive for a pair of panties, but if you are thinking that you obviously haven't tried them on. I know you're thinking that thongs are not comfortable, how can these be. They made out of a sheer, stretch lace and are available in low rise and original fit. Hanky Panky's are the so comfortable, practically invisible and still sexy! They are the next best thing to going commando! Try one and you will buy another.

Available at Sophie & Trey

Another favorite is the lace bandeau's and lace tube tops. These to me are practical lingerie. I'm not too big on top so there's not much to push up. In these I feel sexy and confident! Pair the black one with a black Hanky Panky and you're good to go! These are also just as great as the lace bandeau's. You can use both styles under any top. If you have an cutout dress that needs a pop or want to cover up your bra strap, throw on one of these and sex it up a little.

Available at Sophie & Trey, in black, gray, and white.

Available at Sophie & Trey, in black/nude & white/nude.

Last but not least are the luxe lace cami's! I love sleeping in these! They are so soft and fit like a glove. They aren't tight and uncomfortable. The cami's move with you, not against you and don't squeeze you to death. You can wear them as lingerie, a tunic or tank. Available in a variety of colors at 4th & Ocean you can use them to layer in an outfit. They are super cute with jeans and a tank underneath.

Available at 4th & Ocean, in a variety of colors.

For tonight's events I went with a pair of white Hanky Panky's and the white/nude lace tube top to give to the bride! All of these are perfect for your everyday life, spice up the night or give as a gift!

Enjoy your weekend!

Love, Dani