Sunday Pictorial

Sunday Fun-day!  The weekend is coming to an end ;( Monday will be here soon and it will be my birthday!!! Here's to being 28! O man! I don't feel that old ;) ha ha ha. Just spent my day with my family at the beach, aka the best place ever! We had a little bday celebration for me and my dad, whose bday was on the 10th. So pretty good day by the ocean!

Again a special Thank you to all of you who came out for the Fashion Show!! Here's a sneak peek at some of the photos from that night!! ;)

Well with Sunday comes a new week! So make the most of it! Here's one way too! Mark your calendars!!!! This THURSDAY come to S&T and receive some great deals!!! Plus there's a BIG SHOE SALE GOING ON RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! Hope you didn't miss that over the weekend!

Here's what you need to know for Thurs. - 

Our PRE-BLACK FRIDAY PARTY is after hours this THURSDAY, NOV 17th from 7pm-9pm!!!! There will be drinks, apps, and special deals every half hour!!!! Plus, you will get one-on-one assistance with our experienced staff and style experts! This is definitely an event to be at! It's the perfect ladies night! So grab your mom, sisters, and closet friends and head to the stores this Thurs. night! What a better way to follow up our fashion show then this!!

*Gift card not to be used with same purchase.


Michelle Stromberg Photography
Michelle Stromberg Photography
4th & Ocean/Sophie & Trey

Don't forget we are now ONLINE too!!! You can visit Sophie & Trey's online store at and 4th & Ocean's online store at A lot of people have come in asked about something they saw online. The online store's are exclusive to the web. Items are not available in store but you may purchase them online and do in store pick up for no charge. This is a perfect way for those of you who are local to have an option to shop online and then just run in and grab your stuff when you have time! For those of you who don't live close the shipping is only $7!!! Can't beat that! Now no matter where you are you can have your two favorite stores at the click of a keypad! So easy!! So keep checking the website for weekly updates of the new and fierce clothing!



In addition to starting this new, lovely fashion blog we, Sophie & Trey/4th &Ocean, have also created a new Facebook page (not a friend page) so to help get the word out we are recruiting you and as a reward giving you the chance to win a $50 gift card to be used at either store! It's as easy as 1...2...3.

Here's how to win:

1. "LIKE" & SHARE our new combined facebook page - Sophie & Trey/4th & Ocean Page
2.  FOLLOW our blog by email or subscribe to daily posts - Sophie & Trey Blog
3.  POST this link as your staus - - tell them you're trying to win and to go to the link and leave a COMMENT under a blog post that says  - "your name" referred me.

On MONDAY, NOV 28th I'll announce the winner and then you can pick up your gift card at Sophie & Trey behind the counter!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! So far Kaley Mingus is working hard and racking up the comments with Glenrose Hurley coming in right behind her!!

That's all the news you need to know for this week!!!! Have a great Sunday!!! Talk to ya tomorrow!

Love, Dani