12 Ways to Tie a Scarf

How great was Kristin's post yesterday on how to switch up your look from work to play?!?! Amazing! Always good for those days & nights, which we all have had unexpectedly! Work turns to happy hour which turns into a night out ;)

Now that the cooler weather is seeming to stick around more and more I thought we'd talk about one of the best fall & winter accessories....a scarf! Such a great way to top off an outfit, or even use it to switch that look from work to play! It's so easy to do! You might think there's only one or two ways to throw a scarf on, but today I'm going to show you 12! This is an awesome demo pictorial of how to wear a scarf more ways than one. Saw this and had to share...

1. The Yellow Scarf: Add a corsage to spice up your scarf.

2. The Pink and Purple Scarf: Use an infinity scarf as a shawl.

3. The Lime Green Scarf: Fold your scarf in half, put the middle around your neck. Wrap the sides around your neck and back through the loop you made in front of your neck.

4. The Geometric Silk Scarf: Add a chain to your smaller scarves with safety pins for a creative chic look.

5. The Turquoise Tassel Scarf: Tie a loose knot and let your scarf fall like a large necklace.

6. The Black and White Scarf: Take a chunky scarf and wrap it around your shoulders. Tie a bow.

7. The Pink Scarf: Wrap a belt around your scarf for a vest-like feel.

8. The Green Pashmina Scarf: Tie two corners of your scarf around your neck. Take the remaining two corners and tie them around your waist for a halter-top effect.

9. The Coral Scarf: Tie a knot towards the bottom of your scarf.

10. The Yellow Soft Scarf: Check out this video to see how to braid a scarf.

11. The Black & White Leopard Scarf: Wrap a scarf around your waist to create a belt. Tie it in the back or in the front on the side.

12. The Yellow and Purple Scarf:What’s better than one scarf? Two! Add another!

See how stylish and easy it can be! Here's how some of the celebrities do it!

Kate Hudson

Audrey Hepburn

A scarf can be wore almost anywhere! Around your neck, waist and even in your hair.  We mostly think of cool weather for wearing a scarf but they are not season specific. Bust out those bold colored scarves in any weather! Scarves have a variety of purposes. They can complement any look, add flair, draw attention to/away from certain areas of your body, and of course, hiding hickies! Ha ha ha! Seriously though sometime this week you should make it a point to throw on a normal t-shirt or tank and reach for a bit of neck flair! The look will still be an attention getter and actually the key point to an outfit.

Tie up your fashion statement with a scarf!
Love, Dani