DIY: Christmas Ornament

Merry Christmas Eve!!!!!! This year at the store we did an ornament contest where each employee had to create their own ornament for our store Christmas tree. The winner received a $20 gift card, the only rules that the ornament had to have your name and year you started working at S&T. I must say they all turned out so creative, fun and described each employee! I wanted my ornament to give a summary of my time at S&T. I had a good time with it and hope you will too! It's a fun activity to do with your family, friends and even kids! So here is a fun, inexpensive way to make your own ornament and sum up each year for your tree!

I went to Michael's and bought 10 of the plastic ball ornaments for $1.50 each. Each employee took their own home. Here's how I did mine ;)

1. Print out whatever pictures you want to put inside the ornament, 1.5 in H and the W should automatically be figured out by the computer. (I chose pics from different fashion shows, events and things I've done at the store)

2. Cut out the pictures/Take the top of the ornament off.

3. Spray glue adhesive on the FRONT of the picture (actually on top of the picture because that's the side that will stick)

4. Bend picture and stick through top of ornament. 

5. Put your finger inside and press picture against ornament and rub so it adheres to the plastic. 

6. Repeat till all your pictures are inside.

7. Then I sprayed the bottom of the ornament with the spray glue and dipped it in epsom salt to look like snow.

8. I then added snowflake stickers around the top. You can choose whatever decorations and/or stickers you want!!!

It's super easy, fun and a great way to personalize an ornament! These also make great gifts!!!!!

Get crafty this Christmas!!!!!
Love, Dani