Fed by Food Trucks

Last night was the 1st ever Food Trucks event in Dwtn Lake Mary! It was A-mazing! I am still full from all the yummy food! The event started at 5pm and went till 9pm. I showed up at about 5:15 and there were already limited parking and people with food. This was the scene....

I counted 8 trucks, then 2 side carts. Right then I decided my goal was 10 plates, one from each. I had to try something from each stand as this was my first ever food truck event and so my adventure began! All the items ran about $3 - $6 per plate. In some cases tne plate could have fed one person and you would be good for dinner, others were apps that you could get 2 or 3 and call it a meal. My parents, Dewey & Denise and my sister, Carey, along with her two awesome kids, Abby & Elias, all came up for the event as well which worked out perfect for us to get one or two things from each place and share. Then we all could get a taste of everything! My first stop was....PUPUSAS

The Menu
I ordered the NEW MACHO PUPUSA Traditional with Spicy Sauce

This was so good!! Plus everything on their menu is gluten-free!! So there is something for everyone and friendly to those with wheat allergies! Also here you could have ordered tacos and such. Menu is above. Also at this point more and more people started to arrive creating lines. The lines went pretty quick. We used the get one plate of food and move to the next truck and wait in line while eating the food from the last ;) Worked out pretty great!

2nd stop...CHUTZPAH

Chatzpuh Truck

Sweet Potato Kugel

Here I chose a sweet potato kugel with what they call dream cream which is a sweet marshmallow sauce! This could almost have been a dessert! It was so yummy and melt in your mouth good! Their menu features food such as matzo ball soup, potato latkes w/applesauce & sourcream, and a slow-cooked shredded brisket sandwich plus a few others.

3rd stop was...NUBU
Nubu Truck

Flat screen with some menu items


Wala Wala Pork

My mom picked this one out and it was something I've never tried. It was a baked apple & pear medley lightly spiced filled with 18 hr slow cooked pork that's flavored with spices and served with a side of fresh apple slaw. I loved it! So good!

 4th truck we went to was...FORK IN THE ROAD
Forrk in the Road Truck

Lobster Mac
Fried Pickles and Lobster Mac

We ordered lobster mac. It was a fried, cheesy square pieceof heaven! So good! Made with small pasta for the macaroni with the hot cheese and pieces of lobster. Definitely a new fave! We also got friend pickles. Always a good choice! They also had feta mac and a truffle mac which I heard were just as good! Other menu items here were a briskey sandwich, tater tots w/a spicy bbq sauce and some other fried goodies!

5th food choice was...KONA DOG
Kona Dog Truck

Hot Dog Menu

Cutest little boy! Karson

My niece, Abby & nephew, Elias
The hot dog place!!! Having the kiddos with us a hot dog was definitely going to happen! I've never seen hot dogs like these before! They were huge and the dogs were wrapped completely in the bun. There was no split like a normal bun so that all the goodies such as ketchup stayed inside and the hot dog couldn't fall out! Genius! Perfect for kids! They devoured them! I think this had the longest line and then ran out of hot dogs around 7:30!!!

6th was a cart....The Cotton Candy Cart.

Cotton Candy Tent


I had told my niece something sweet and a dessert-y was necessary at some point. She wanted some cotton candy so we headed to grab a freshly made bag! Which led us to the next stop...

7th was a bowl.....SWEET SHOPPE
Sweet Shoppe Set up
Elias enjoying Mixed Berry on one side and Banana Cream on the other

A bowl of red wine gelato had my name on it from the Sweet Shoppe that had set up a little cart with a few different flavors. So I tried a taste of the champagne flavor which was so delicious! Then tasted the red wine and that was perfection! My taste buds tingled! I had to go with it! So one bowl of red wine gelato....check. Not sure if it was my long, crazed day at work or my sweet tooth that ate every single drop of the smooth cold ice cream or if it was something else but I practically licked the bowl cleaned.

My sister and Dad ordering - menu on left
Electric Kitchen Truck
My sister, Carey
Stir-fried Chicken Basil
Chicken Satay

We ordered the chicken satay and the chicken basil. Both were awesome! The chicken was so tender and had so much flavor! The satay came with a great sauce, cucumber relish, and some toast. The stir-fried chicken came on bed of rice and then it was topped with an over easy egg.

By this time I needed water and so at the 9th stop I saw two delicious desserts being ordered in front of me and had to take a picture!  (below)


Peanut Butter Pie & Chocolate Stuff

 The ladies gave me raving reviews of the desserts!! The peanut butter pie had a custard fillling with peanut butter crumbles then topped with whipped cream. The chocolate stuff was like a fudgy chocolate cake topped with whipped cream!!

Last and #10 was FIREHOUSE BBQ!
All kinds of BBQ. I must admit by this time I had no room for more food ;( So this will be my first stop next month!!! I heard great reviews on the food and one of the longest lines there so it must be good!

Some of the hot items people ordered was the beef brisket, smoked chicken and pulled pork! The ribs were also to die for I heard!!! Definitely worth getting a little messy and dirty for! I think I'm going to try the pulled pork or ribs next month ;) My mouth is already watering.

So that is my food truck review of the food!!! Definitely was a fun filled event! Perfect for a family night or even a date night out with your special someone!!! Join us in January for the next one!!

Here's some other photos from the night featuring some of our amazing customers sporting S&T or 4th & Ocean plus a look at the event so you know what you're in for.
Two S&T regulars!

Two lovely ladies!!! Victoria (on right) in S&T red pants & fur vest paired with 4th & Ocean boots!
So pretty at night!

Lots of <3!! Enjoy your weekend!!
Love, Dani