How to: Christmas Idea

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday! If you didn't read yesterday's post you must! So helpful! Kristin definitely did an amazing job and gave great insight to dressing for a photo shoot!

Well decorations are up an the Christmas spirit is in full swing at the store! Thought it would be fun to share how I did the amazing giant stars hanging in our window display! It was something I saw on Pinterest that they actually did on wine bottles. I decided I was going to try the technique on these giant stars my mom picked up from Home Goods or Kohls. Super easy! You could do this on just about anything to add texture, sparkle and a touch of glam!

You just need:

Spray glue
Epsom salt
White spray paint (really could use any color you want)

All you do is take the spray glue and spray down the surface in which you want the salt to be.

Next take the salt an sprinkle over the sprayed area.

Allow to dry. You can shake off the excess salt.

Finally take the spray paint and spray the whole area in the desired color you picked.

And tah-dah!!!! You have a finished and fierce Christmas decoration!!!

Now I chose to add an extra layer of salt onto the stars. I sprayed the stars again and poured more salt over them just to add some extra sparkle. I felt when they weren't spray painted over they gave an added iridescent look on top of the layer that was spray painted white.

Super cheap and such a fabulous decoration!! I'm going to try it on some wine bottles and maybe a few ornaments!!! Give it a try!! I took some pictures along the way to see the progress! ;) Get creative!! Message me at or comment me if you try it and let me know how it goes for you. Also suggest what kind of accessory/decoration you tried it on!!!

Happy crafting!