NOW OPEN: Jagger Couture, fierce clothes for sweet girls

 It's OPEN!!!
I'm SO excited to announce that Jagger Couture, a fierce boutique for girls, is OPEN for business!! I was at work yesterday and heard the wonderful news so I had to grab my camera and check it out! 

Jagger Couture is located between S&T and 4th & Ocean! It is the perfect addition to Dwtn Lake Mary with fierce clothes for sweet girls! It is owned and operated by one of our fabulous regulars and friend, Victoria Wood. You will recognize her as she had been in most of our fashion shows strutting her pretty self down the runway! As a mother herself of two beautiful girls, Victoria saw the need of a stylish boutique for young girls in this area. So came Jagger Couture
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 Address is : 134 N Fourth St. Suite 1260, Lake Mary, FL 32746
Hours: M - F 10am - 7pm

Jagger Couture, fierce clothes for sweet girls (I love that line by the way!!!!, so creative and perfect to describe this store!!) is a one stop shop for young ladies! They have everything! As fabulous as S&T/4th & Ocean is for young adults and women.....Jagger Couture is that but for little girls 3-12, sizes 2-14! The price point at Jagger is everything under $55 with the majority of their items being around $20. The clothes at Jagger Couture are positive and uplifting for little girls. The clothes promote a sense of independence and expression of a young girls heart and personality while keeping with the trends and being age appropriate. All the clothing that contain words use expressions such as "love", "faithful", "cheer", "dance" and other positive sayings. Check out all my favorite things about the store and the clothes!!!! Here is JAGGER COUTURE!!!!
Loaded with accessories such as tights, headbands, super cute bracelets, watches, candles and MORE!!!!
They have the cutest little colored capris and shorts!!! I bought my niece the red shorts!
The winter hats are bright and colorful! Love those! They have slippers and jumpsuits that are just like the Juicy Couture ones!!! But even better and for a much better price ;) Tons of bags to choose from! The two little girls above are Victoria's super cute and always trendy daughters! Love that picture of them!
This "circus" inspired look is to die for! Obsessed with those leggings and jacket! The custom tank with Jagger's logo is unique and perfect! Paired with the tutu it is absolutely awesome!

They even have shoes! What young lady doesn't love a dazzling pair of sneakers!?! Practical for running around but having a girly spark while she's doing it!

BELOW: Is a tank that Victoria had custom made that mocks the "Enjoy Coca Cola" shirts but changed it to say "Enjoy Lake Mary"! GENIUS!! I had to get one! Would have bought another if it would be big enough to fit me ;) lol 
They have these adorable sweaters in a few different colors! Pictured below on the right! They're so cute!

TUTU'S!!! If I ever have a girl she will live in tutu's and tutu tank dresses! ;) lol I think they are so fun! They look amazing in pictures and it's every girl's fantasy to be a ballerina or princess! Tutu's are a must for every little girl's closet! Fun for any dress up day or party!
 All different jeans! So many cute pairs! 
Tie Dye! Love these tie dye dresses! Saturday morning play dates? I think this is a must!
Tutu tank dresses! My fave for a little girl! So precious! Love this leopard one with a black top and this pink tutu bottom one with a black top and pearl necklace detail!
Super cute dresses (pictured on left)! Ah, looking at these clothes makes me want a little girl!!! lol Guess I'll just have to play dress up with my niece in all these amazing clothes!!!
They even have surf clothing! O'Neill tees and dresses!!! There was this one super cute to die for dress that I didn't take a picture of but it's the perfect sun dress for any girl! 
They have all kinds of rhinestone tanks with different words on the front, like the one above that says CHEER! Then tees that say LOVE. 

 Victoria and me at the store!!!! I was honored to be her first sale with my purchase of a pair of the red shorts and the "Enjoy Lake Mary" tank for my niece, Abby!!! ( did the best picking out sizes since I don't have kids of my own and wasn't sure about her size lol They fit though has a little bit of room but will be perfect for when it starts getting hot again ;) Here's a picture of Abby sporting her new look that she LOVES!!!! Couldn't get her to stop smiling! She feel's "so cool" as she would say ;) lol 

How cute is she?! ;) Can't wait to go buy more clothes & accessories for her!! Great gift items too!! So if you are one of my friends with a daughter, expect their next gift to be from Jagger Couture! ;)

Make a visit to Dwtn Lake Mary and check out Jagger Couture!!!! Victoria will be doing a Grand Opening in the spring and also will be in our Spring Fashion Show!! So excited for that! 

Dwtn Lake up & coming. We definitely have everything for every age ;) 

See you all tonight for the SPARKLING SALE 7PM-9PM AT S&T/4TH & OCEAN!!!!!!!
Come sip on champagne with me and SAVE!!!!!

Love, Dani