Saturday Snapshot

I have 2 cameras. One waterproof one and a Canon 14 megapixal one. Guess what I use the most?? My iPhone :) That is the most used camera of today. So easy and it's always with you! With camera photos comes....INSTAGRAM!!! If you don't have Instagram you should! It is the best app ever! You can change the lighting and look of the photo, plus you can follow your friends. Sort of a facebook for photos app. So first things first before you continue it! Then become friends with us - sophieandtrey - and follow our photos to see the latest and greatest PLUS inside photos from our daily lives and events from the store that always don't make it to facebook! Here's some of my Instagram Snapshot photos, possibly featuring YOU, our valued customers sporting our stuff or just lounging....

How cool are those?!?!? Instagram is such a fun and easy way to share pictures and edit them to look vintage, bold, darker or lighter. Join the fun! Tag us in your pics or leave comments on ours!! Looking forward to a more viral connection ;)

Happy photo taking!

Love, Dani