Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas!

Christmas is fast approaching and I am almost done with my Christmas lists. Just need to get a few more gifts. Having a hard time with a few items. Not sure what to get! I know sometimes it can be frustrating and then you start thinking way too much about what would be the perfect gift and would the person like it? I feel your pain! People are always coming in the store looking for ideas and not sure on what to get. Size and style are sometimes hard to guess for a certain someone. So I have come up with a list of the top gift ideas from S&T and 4th & Ocean that will always put a smile on someone's face! You can't go wrong!

10. Make-Up & Nail Polish -
Easy stocking stuffer solutions right here or put 5 in a bag for a gift!
Nail buffers, every color nail polish you could think of, eye liners, brushes, shadows, mascara, powder, foundation.....we have it all!!! Pricing ranges from $1.99-$5.99.

9. Candles & Soaps -
Woodwick candles in a variety of scents! $17.99 is a great price! This is good for anyone! Who doesn't love a good smelling candle that crackles like a fire when it burns for 30 hours?!?!?
Urban Rituelle soap are just as good as a gift! Pair them together! Soaps come in a few different scents such as lavender (my personal fave)!

8. Perfume & Shimmer body powder - 

7. Scarves & Belts - 
Belts add shape and make an outfit sometimes! Scarves are a great accessory even in FL. Adds an extra spark of color or print to any outfit! Around $12.00-$14.99.

6. Tights & Socks -
Comfy and cozy! Slip on a pair of socks or tights for an extra layer of warmth when going out or for just lounging around!! Around $6.99.

5. Hats & Headbands -
Perfect for pizzazz!!! No need to worry about sizes on this option! From baseball caps to crystal headbands, there's something for everyone's everyday look!

4. Bags & Clutches -
Must have! I mean every new season new a fabulous new bag or clutch! Such a wide variety available!!!

3. Sunglasses -
For only $9.99 who doesn't need another pair of shades!! Especially living in the FL sun!!

2. Jewelry & Watches -
Rings, necklaces, and bracelets!!! Any girls best friend, need I say more?!?!

And the #1 Christmas gift idea is.....

Who doesn't love a gift card? Definitely a great option especially when unsure of a person's taste, Secret Santa, or for someone who knows what try want aka picky. Ha ha ha.
Our gift cards never depreciate or expire and can be used at EITHER Sophie & Trey or 4th & Ocean.

So what are you waiting for?!?!? Get in and get your shopping done now!!! Remember if you're unsure just ask us for help!!!

Hope to see you soon!!!
Love, Dani