Wear the Right Shades for Your Face

I think one of the most common asked questions is "How do these sunglasses look?" Having the right pair of shades is crucial to your look. The wrong pair can distract and take away from your ensemble. Especially in FL where wearing sunglasses is a year round thing. So today is to educate you on how to match the shape of the frames to the shape of your face.

Round face (full cheeks and a curved jawline): This facial shape requires frames with a contrasting angular shape. You don't want round, circular shades or you will end up with bug eyes. Boxy plastic or metal pairs that are smaller and don't overtake your face work just as well. A pair that are slightly rounded on the edges, rectangular/squarish, thicker frames and not sharp will work in your favor. (examples below)

Square faces: Try frames with a softer edge like round, oval, and even cat-eyed shades will look good on you. Also try thinner frames for a sophisticated look day or night.

Triangular face (broad forehead and a narrow chin): Try choosing shades that mimic your bone structure. Light metal frames that are wider on the top than on the bottom. Aviators are perfect for triangular faces! Gradient lenses will enhance the flattering effect, where as boldly tinted ones will not. Have some fun if you have this facial shape. Try colorful frames or cat eye sunglasses. You can also go with frames that have straight top lines. (examples below)

Diamond-shaped faces or Inverted triangle shaped face: Rimless frames, frames with distinctive brow-lines, or oval frames are perfect for this face! Shades in light colors and made from light material work for you not against. Barely there wears for a mysterious, sexy librarian look. 

Oval face:(long and lean face): For an oval face opt for frame styles that accentuate its width. Heavy plastic, thick frames on sides and sunglasses with oversize, geometric lenses will balance oblong features nicely. Most frames will work for an oval face but avoid delicate, thin, tiny frames. (examples below)

We have a variety of styles, color, prints with designer look but not at the designer price. All our sunglasses in the store are only $9.99!!!! For that price choose a few to switch out with outfits! No excuses, this caters to any girl's budget! Here are some examples ;)

Hopefully this will help you next time you're in the store hunting for the perfect shades!
Protect those eyes right and look fabulous doing it!!!

And don't forget to keep coming up with names for the "NAME THE DRESS" Contest!!!
Love, Dani