Winter White

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and weekend!!! I know I did!! I had a wonderful weekend with my family! My brother, Anthony, is in town from California so it's awesome to spend time with the entire family!!!! We spent all Christmas hanging out, eating, opening presents and spending quality time for all of about 12 hours!!!!! lol Christmas is definitely longer with a niece and 3 nephews! All in all it was such an amazing time, I hope you all had just as special of a holiday as I did! Anyways.....back to more important and stylish convo ;) lol Winter white!!! Something we all don't think about often enough!!! Also it is a top 3 for New Year's Eve looks!!!

Who says you can't wear white after Labor Day? That rule was meant to be broken! Especially when it comes to that gorgeous winter white that comes out! Wintertime is all about white! Snowbanks & snowflakes, the right winter white can provide a cozy look on any day! Flipping through a magazine there's always a picture of a woman strutting her winter white coat and all you can do is Oo and Aa! So clean and classic this look gives off! There is something so irresistible about a white against the dark, dull colors of fall and winter so throw your white rule to the wind and wear it all winter long! Winter white is definitely a sophisticated and unexpected choice for the holidays!

Here are some amazing dresses to ease you into the winter white! They would also be perfection on New Year's Eve!!!! From sequins to ruffles to lace, we have it ALL covered!!!

Sequins galore!!!! I actually bought this dress after the shoot because it was so fabulous!!! I could not resist and at $42.99 it's a steal! It isn't quite white but I love the champagne color and the overlay on top of all the sequin! This dress definitely makes a statement and says HERE I AM!!!

I LOVE the back too! Not just another scoop back but not too low to wear you can't wear a normal back! The slight "V" add a sexy little touch especially when you wear your hair up! This dress is available on S&T's online store - CLICK HERE TO VIEW

This next dress below is super cute and adorable!

This is getting more along the lines of winter white! I love the ruffling floral that goes on and then the slightly revealing sheer neckline! It's classy & conservative but mysteriously sexy at the same time! It's youthful and flirty plus has an extra bit of length. 

Available at S&T now!

I love love LOVE this white lace bottom dress! It's so feminine and chic! (I also personally own this one ;) think it'd be an awesome bachelorette dress!) The top is a strapless with a chiffon one shoulder overlay. The bottom is black with a layer of white lace over it! Absolutely stunning and unique, this dress will be a hit anywhere. It could be worn to pretty much any and every event! Check this dress out on S& - CLICK HERE TO VIEW

This knit sparkle dress is beautiful! You have to wear a nude or winter white slip dress, which we have available at the store, underneath as there is tiny holes in the dress (since it's knit). I love how comfortable and effortless this is! It's fitted and shapely without being tight or hugging your body too much. The extra deep "V" in the front gives just the right amount of allure and intrigue to the dress. This is available at S&T and would also be a great New Year's Eve dress!
Available at S&T!

This outfit below is actually what I wore out last week with my man to celebrate Christmas!! I threw a winter white silk jacket on over a brown slip dress ($14.99, available at S&T in a variety of colors) and paired those with the wedges below that mix browns with the winter white!!!! Both shoes below would make excellent choices to top off any winter white ensemble!!!

Both shoes available now at S&T!
White is not meant to be tucked away in winter! Let winter white be your canvas this season and show it off! Add pops of color or brighten up your fall dark, deep colors with a winter white dress or jacket! Check out how the celebs wear winter white....

Be bright with white!
Love, Dani