All Tied Up

Happy Saturday! Here is something every girl needs to know how to do! Tie a necktie. Especially with wedding season and Valentine's right around the corner. I have never been able to do this right since I was never taught. I mean how often have I ever needed to tie a tie! Now in a relationship I see that it's definitely something a girl should just know how to do, just in case. I mean boys are men and they can do it for themselves but it's nice to offer sometimes and show you actually know what you're doing and can do it great. They won't expect it! 

It's pretty simple and below is a step by step diagram showing you how to tie a basic "Four in Hand" tie:

 There you go! Practice for a few then try it out on your man the next time he's getting ready. Just be sweet and say "Here honey, let me get that for you." Tie the tie as you tell him, "Hope you have a great day." Give him and kiss and walk away ;) lol It'll leave him in shock! lol 

Love, Dani