InStyle at The Zoo

Along with a new year comes new adventures! One of our first trips out in the new year was to the Central Florida Zoo! Baby Kenny and I have been once before, but Kenny had never been to a zoo! We got there when they first was a chilly morning, so we wanted to catch the animals when they were most lively...haha (zoo dorks)! 
It's funny the things you get excited about when you become a parent! 
I also get excited to pick out my outfits for all of our daily adventures! Sometimes between changing a diaper, feeding the baby, getting him dressed, and all the other challenges life will throw your way; it can be hard to get yourself ready! Although it can be hard at times, I think there is nothing more valuable than taking the time to take care of yourself! Even if your tempted to throw your sweats and tennis shoes on, just remember there will be other Mom's who will be inspired to see that you're being a Mom and looking trendy! Let's be honest everyone likes to get into fashion somewhat for themselves, but half the fun is seeing how other women put fashion together and sharing ideas!
 Here is a look into our day at the Zoo...

BK & I with the lil Monkey family, Kenny & BK checking out the silly Dino!
I wore a white thick lace sweatshirt from 4th&Ocean. The sweatshirt is actually see through so I layered it with a seamless long sleeve teal shirt from 4th as well. Paired with skinny jeans from Sophie&Trey, which are actually my favorite! They have stretch in them and are so soft! For shoes I wore the shorter combat boots with fold over plaid flap in the front! These boots are so comfortable! There are a ton of flat boot options at 4th&Ocean, with all the boots ranging from $24.99-$39.99... you can't go wrong!

In the Herpetarium! This snake was moving around like crazy...eewwww snakes make my skin crawl!

The monkey family was so cute! The baby monkey was cruising around and jumping from swing to swing! 
The boys with the bald eagles (Yes, they have matching polos on...and  Kenny loved every minute of it;)
Watching the monkeys
Puma was so pretty...sad his cage wasn't bigger though :(
...Had to end the day with the Mold-A-Rama! 
Our glorious Lion Mold-A-Rama...hehe ;)
This post is Dedicated to Mary! She was the third oldest Asian elephant on record and died two years ago at The Central Florida Zoo. I look forward to seeing the new animals that arrive at the Zoo while our little ones our growing up:)
I hope everyone is having a great week so far! The cold weather has been a fun change, and is actually making it feel like Winter for a couple of days!
 I hope this inspired my fellow Mom's to get out there this year and stay trendy!