DIY : Spa Day

When I think of the perfect relaxing day my answer is always a spa day!! Then reality hits and I remember that my bank account answers back with a no! ;) lol So I have found some amazing alternatives to your spa treatment needs that will cost you almost nothing and you probably have most of this already in your pantry! There's nothing I love more than finding the things I love at a price that's right for me ;) Here's some amazing ones to try!

I tried the sugar scrub in the shower and it was awesome! The perfect exfoliator and left my skin so soft! I also tried the DIY micro derm and it was fabulous! I can't wait to see results if I do it once a week! I would suggest NOT to do the micro derm and mask in the same night, maybe switch and do one one week and the other the next week. I like to pick Sundays as my "spa day" and do a body treatment and then a facial treatment!

These are great not only to save some money but for a girl's night as well with your favorite ladies, a sister or mom! I simply love treating myself to a little TLC.

Love, Dani