Elite Access on a "MAGIC"AL Night

Happy Friday!!! I know everyone is probably waiting for the clock to hit 5 and start their weekend! I love my Sat's & Sun's! Anyway Wednesday my girl, Marty invited me to the Magic vs Spurs game! I immediately said yes! Not only is Marty a friend and super fun to hang out with, but I had never been to the new arena! I know I'm lame. lol So first and most important thing - A spirited outfit! I had to find something chic and supportive to wear for my Magic! I went with the bold blue pants from S&T. Now these pants are the most comfy! They give the appearance of denim but have more of a legging feel. They stretch with you and fit to your body. I love them! For my top I wore a black Zenana tank top. Now if you don't know about these little gems you should! We have them in every color! They are only $14.99 and are the best tanks ever! Over the tank I put my amazing black blazer from S&T! Right now they have several colors available such as navy, a blush, creme and more!

Rachel's look and My look
To my surprise as Marty and I were on our way to the game I checked my facebook and saw that Rachel (my S&T sorority sister) was also going to the game with her man. So I had her take some pics as well. They actually were just one level up from us and we could see them from our seats! Rachel wore a vintage S&T Magic shirt with her denim pants and a white blazer all from S&T!

I paired with my outfit some silver jewelry from Sophie! I love this long necklace with black line detail inside the squares! I love how unique it looks! I also added these edgy metal looking earrings with navy in the diamonds. I wore my cross bracelet from 4th & Ocean. Always on my wrist because it's so different, fun and goes with just about everything!
How sick are these seats! Right in the action! Added bonus was that it was the Spurs game so I got to see Tony Parker, Eva Longoria's ex! He's nice to look at ;) lol The game was AWESOME! So close, such a great game!

With our tickets came access to the Mercedes Room where we got to eat dinner!! I have never been in this room before and it was fabulous! They had lamb, salmon, sirloin, veggies, beans & rice, and a salad bar. Plus they have free beer and wine ;) Yummy!

At halftime we where walking back to the Mercedes Room when Marty saw a friend of hers that works at the Amway. He then go us into the elite Ritz Carlton club (where all the players walk by and go after the game!). There we enjoyed the same luxuries as the Mercedes Room but a little more exclusive and more intimate lounge setting. They had beautiful couches and chairs! It wasn't as crowed as the Mercedes. Apparently it costs $25,000 a person a year to enjoy this elite club room!

And there was dessert! So good! Whatever was in that martini glass was the best thing ever!
Pictures: Me and Marty, the HUGE screen!, shot of downtown at night, Rachel & her man, Cody

After the game they had a hot dog bar!! I thought immediately of my man friend, Matt! He loves hot dogs. lol Even though the Magic lost at the last second!!!!!! It was such a great time! Marty is the best and I had a blast with her!
After we went up to 180 and met up with Rachel and Cody! We hung out for a little while and just so happen to run into Chris Duhon! He was super nice and was gracious enough to entertain us and take a picture! :)
As we were getting in the elevator Quinton Richardson ended up in there with us! I was sneaking pictures from the back of him. He was with his girl so didn't want to ask for a picture.
Heart them! Such a great night with the girls!

That was the best game I've ever been too! So much fun! S&T and 4th & Ocean have so many cute things to make a MAGIC outfit! You never know when you will be on the big screen at the game so you always must be prepared and look fierce!!!! I came up with about 4 or 5 looks to wear but decided on the pants since it was cool outside!!

Come in today if you're going to the game tonight or need a spirited look for your team's games!!!

Love, Dani