Keepin' it Clean!

Hey dolls! It's a BEAUTIFUL Saturday!!! I just love the weekends! Hope you all are out enjoying the wonderful weather and reading this via your iPhone! I know I have been! Today is my fun day with my man. We went out for a nice breakfast, running errands and looked at a car for him! Tomorrow brings cleaning and some family time. Sunday aka "Laundry day" is also my day to catch up on washing my weeks worth of outfits! So came across this the other day and definitely need to print it out and hang it in my laundry room along with save it in my phone for those mishaps when I'm out! This is my In Case of An Emergency for stains and spills. I am a pretty clean and tidy lady but somehow I always manage to get something on myself throughout each day! Hopefully this helps the next time you're in a bind plus this will keep your styles looking fresh, clean and vibrant!

Plus the homemade oxyclean is a gem! It works great and can also save you some of your hard earned money! Enjoy your Saturday!

Love, Dani