LOVE under $20

First off...Did you all SEE the new colored jeans at Sophie & Trey for only $24.99 that came in yesterday?!?!??! OMG!!! OBSESSED!!!!!!!!
RIGHT?!?! I know, FABULOUS! Ok that's it. Just can't get them off my mind and had to spread the word!

Happy Tuesday! I am headed off early this morning for a new photo shoot with the always amazing Marisol! Rachel, her and I are off to a secret location to shoot some spring & summer trends! I can not wait for you all to see the pictures and share the trends with you! Needless to say Starbucks is a must this morning for me ;)

Back on track - 14 days till VALENTINE'S Day!!! So I know some of you are like me. Not huge on this holiday and don't want to spend a ton of money on it. All of what I'm going to show you is under $20 bucks!!!!!

When I was single I would get together with some of my closest girls and we'd have a dinner & drinks together! Sometimes I'd get them a little something to put a smile on their face to ignore the fact that we were not spending that day with a partner ;) So Valentine's is all red, pink, hearts and love! We have some awesome options at the store to add a touch of that fuzzy love feeling into your Valentine look for February without going overboard and getting gushy!

LOVE ring in silver & gold...some have crystals in clear and black on them! Only $6.99 at S&T!

Available at this casual tank is perfect for a low key day or night wine and dine with whomever you're hanging with! Only $19.99

Available at this tie front tank offers the confident bold red that captures everyone's eyes! Pair with black skinnies and pumps for a stunning night on the town that will surely wrap him up!
One of our hottest accessories right now! The Cartier LOVE bracelets! (Well not the real ones that run you well over $1500, ours look exactly like them and only $19.99!!!) People have actually commented on mine and believe it's the real deal! :) I smile and say I know it's so gorgeous, I love it! lol

Another item back by demand are the cross earrings and bracelets! Both are available in gold, silver and a dark rose gold! The earrings are only $7.99!!!
Available in two styles these cross bracelets are either $9.99 or $12.99! Both are great additions to any wrist! Add that perfect sparkle and flair!

My other amazing obsession and suggestion is the metallic loafers!! Available at 4th & Ocean in silver and gold!!! Perfect for dinner out with your girls or for running around on Valentine's picking up last minute items for your night or man! :)

How great are those deals!? And under $20! These are such easy, small ways that make a big difference and give that warm feeling of love we all enjoy in February! Love for life, love for ourselves, love for each day & blessing! Get in the mood this month especially these 2 weeks leading up to Valentine's and spread the love!

Live. Laugh. Love.
Love, Dani