Peace, Love, & Lace

For those of you that know me, you would tell anyone that I swear by Hanky Panky thongs! They advertise there thongs as "The World's Most Comfortable Thong"... and they couldn't be more right! Aside from the comfort factor, these thongs never create panty lines, as they lie perfectly flat against your skin, almost blending into it. As you can imagine, they work well under everything! When customers are trying on in the store and ask "What could I wear under this dress that wouldn't show?"... We immediately answer "A Hanky Panky"!
For those of you that haven't come to the lace side yet...this one's for you!
If you are already a Hanky Panky fanatic these are some fun facts about your favorite thong! Also, find out how to score a free Hanky Panky in February in the stores!
In 1977, the founder of Hanky Panky created a  handmade lingerie set for her good friend using embroidered handkerchiefs. The rest is history! It was the original concept that inspired the name Hanky Panky. 
Hanky Panky thongs offer the highest commitment to quality! Each component of material is selected for its specific stretch qualities, softness and fit. 
Hanky Panky thongs use over 30 yards of thread which translates into a more durable and higher quality product... and Hanky Panky's are proudly made in the USA!

Hanky Panky's are a one-size, stretch-lace, knit thong!
The one-size factor might sound scary, but trust me the stretch lace is amazing!
Pictured above is the low-rise Hanky Panky, which is one-size (sizes 0-12)

They are also available in an Original Rise (sizes 4-12)

Collegiate Hanky Panky is available at S&T too! 
UF available in low rise & original rise
(low rise pictured)
FSU available in low rise & originial rise
(original rise pictured)

Hanky Panky underwear is famous for its signature lace fabric and the world's most comfortable thongs. Hanky Panky is a favorite of millions of customers worldwide, including a long list of celebrities.

They are fabulous for every occasion! I wore a pair on my wedding day, under my wedding dress! I also wore them all during my pregnancy! The seamless lace works perfectly with your growing bump! 

The new Retro Thong now available at S&T is the perfect way to get an extra control top, but still look cute! The Retro Thong is "A Sultry Way To Slim" :)
Black Retro Thong at S&T
Mark your calendars!!! Our Valentine's Day Event is coming up on February 9th! If you spend $150 at either store that night, you will be able to receive a FREE Hanky Panky! 
The rose Hanky Panky will be available too...sooo cute!

Baby Kenny update:

He took his first steps this week!!! I can't believe how big he is getting! His 1st BDay is coming up in a couple of months (April 2)... let the planning begin!!!