Spring Makeup Trends

Not just amazing clothing trends to follow this Spring! 

Here are some great make-up trends that anyone can have!

Reds and corals aren't just big for clothes!

Lipstick’s most iconic color was reinvented this season, proving that there are endless ways to wear a dramatic red. With inspirations that ranged from pop art expressionisms at Jason Wu to art deco experimentation at Rick Owens to Betty Draper-style elegance at Dior, it’s a great time to go for rouge.

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White Silver Metallics

Reflective washes of white silver sparked up the eyes and brow bones. The moonbeam hue subtly graced the lids at Chanel and Ralph Lauren while dramatic streaks of it were seen at Phillip Lim. No matter where the color is applied, choose a creamy finish, perfect for blending into skin so it seems to shine from within.

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Extreme Smoky Eyes

The seriously smudged-out eyes spotted on the runways made allusions to film noir beauty, troubled painters, and punk rockers. Beautiful and daring, the style doesn’t require a steady hand to pull off — just plenty of un-shaking confidence.

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Sporty Cheeks

Athleticism inspired the dewy, sun-splashed cheeks seen backstage. Makeup artists mimicked the effects of the being out in the sun by contouring the high parts of the face with lush peach bronze. Skin even seemed sunburned at some shows — but in this case, the illusion proved to be prettier than the real thing.

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Just go 4 to 5 shades darker to get that perfect bronze.

Get inspired and have fun with make-up trends this season!