Hey dolls! Let me introduce you to the queen of skin, Mindy Black! She is amazing! Not only is she a Sophie & Trey socialite, friend and stylish lady but she also just brought her business, Inner Beauty SkinCare to Dwtn Lake Mary! Her GRAND OPENING and Ribbon Cutting will begin at 5pm on Thursday night! The ribbon cutting will be at 5:30 pm outside on 4th Street by the marque (you won't miss the people standing outside). Then you will be able to see the entire space she has available for all the fabulous things she does! Come and check it out and learn more about how to get your skin in shape and looking it's best!

Now Mindy is the go to girl for anything skin related! Let me tell you this girl knows it all! She is a licensed Esthetician and "Skinthusiast". Mindy specializes in offering the right nutrition for optimal skin care with clinical treatments that give immediate and long lasting results. Mindy describes what she does as "healing from the inside" and "no fluff and stuff, it's a facial with results". She will treat you and your individual skin issues!

Mindy has complete knowledge of what she does. Mindy takes the time to sit down with each of her clients, discuss and assess the needs of each individual. Then together design an attack plan that is specifically design for you! She takes into account your goals, wants, lifestyle and budget. If you have any skin issues such as dryness, acne, large pores, sun damage, dehydration, hormonal changes, oiliness, aging, etc. then give her a call! She CAN and WILL help! CONTACT HER by email or CALL HER at 407-310-3265 NOW and start healing YOUR skin!

Here's an inside look at Inner Beauty SkinCare
Located on 4th street (same as S&T)! Turn down the alley/hallway between Flippers and FLQ Interior Design and through the glass doors....Can't miss it!

Introducing Mindy Black and Inner Beauty!!!!!!! CLICK HERE and "LIKE" the facebook page!

She also does SPF make up! Look and feel your best while protecting your skin!
How inviting does that bed look?!?! ;) Oh yea! Mindy uses only the finest and best quality skin care products! Also available for purchase!

Clarisonic - One of Mindy's favorite things! Highly recommended and featured in many major magazines such as InStyle, Glamour and more!

Mindy hooked me up with some samples to try! We chatted for a few minutes about my skin and issues I have. She gave me some great advice and tips to point me in the right direction of getting me on the right track! Approaching my 30's I thought I'd be walking out of there with a basket of anti-aging products ;) lol She gave me an exfoliate, an eye cream and an all over ceramide comfort oil for my face! I used them all last night and I am SOLD! The exfoliate made my skin feel so fresh, smooth and glow instantly! I literally said WOW as I stood in front of the mirror in my bathroom! Then I dabbed on a tad of the eye cream ;) Last step I cracked open one of the ceramide tablets which squirting out like olive oil. As I rubbed it all over my face I was a little skeptical and thought what is this going to do! In a few minutes I could feel it soaking in my skin and the "oiliness" fade. This morning my face is brand new! I absolutely love the results! These products and Mindy are amazing! Girl knows her stuff!

THURSDAY NIGHT - DO NOT miss out on these two events! Bring your friends or come and hang out with me! ;) 
We'll start off at Inner Beauty's Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting at 5/5:30pm then head over to S&T/4th & Ocean for 20% off an item, a "Skinny Cupid" and chocolate covered strawberries around 7pm!!

SEE YOU THURSDAY!!!!! 5 sharp ;) 
Love, Dani