February Photo Challenge

Challenge: 7 day Chic Sophie & Trey/4th & Ocean Week!

Prize: EVERY participate will receive a special gift from us! The overall "Best Dressed Fashion Week" winner will win a $100 gift card! They winner will be determined by overall week's worth of assembles, style, trend, and tone of complete looks. I will post each person's looks from your week in a blog and feature the overall winner!

Details: You must go 7 CONSECUTIVE days wearing Sophie & Trey and/or 4th & Ocean and capture your looks with a photo of your outfit each day. You will have the whole month of February to do this. Once you have your week of looks, attach the 7 photos and EMAIL THEM TO ME at DANI.RAE.KEMP@GMAIL.COM BY MARCH 1ST!!! PARTICIPATES & OVERALL WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED MARCH 7TH! Please include your name and phone number on the email as well.

PHOTOS: MUST INCLUDE THE DATE and must be able to see that everything you are wearing is S&T and/or 4th & Ocean! Make sure photos are clear and the whole outfit is visible! BE CREATIVE and HAVE FUN with your photos! The example one I did above I did with the PicFrame App on my iPhone it's .99 cents and then you can add the TEXT feature for only .99 cents as well!

GOOD LUCK!!! Can't wait to see all the chic and fabulous looks you guys put together!!! 
Love, Dani