POM POM Saturday

Happy Saturday morning dolls! I'm off to the farmer's market to get my fresh veggies for the week! Last night I had a fun Friday night of crafting and being productive! :) My man is away for work in Chicago so I decided to crack open a big bottle of wine and accomplish the list of things I've been meaning to get too! One of those things - window decorations for the stores! So I decided 4th & Ocean needed a beach spring/summer theme of floral laterns which I found at the dollar store ;) So bonus for me that I didn't have to make them. lol For Sophie & Trey I was a bit more ambitious ;) I wanted to take the NEON TREND we talked about yesterday and combine it with the decor! So thats where I came up with doing the tissue pom poms I've seen! It wasn't very hard and they turned out better the more I made! lol I guess a little practice makes perfect! I love how they turned out and think they will look awesome in the windows! Here's the tutorial I followed and the finished product!

Tissue Pom Pom: Tutorial

There are several tutorials out there...the most popular is probably Martha Stewart.´╗┐This one  is very similar to the Martha Stewart Tutorial except you use more pieces of tissue paper.
Here is what you need to make one tissue pom pom...


:: 12 sheets of tissue paper ::
:: 12" of floral wire ::
:: scissors ::

STEP 1 : Layer the 12 sheets of tissue paper on top of each other.
STEP 2 : Make 1" to 2" accordion folds until you have everything folded.

STEP 3:  Take the floral wire and twist it around the middle of the tissue paper.

STEP 4:  Trim the edges in a triangular shape. This give the pom pom pointy edges (my favorite) but you can also round the ends to give it a more rose feel.

[STEP FIVE] Separate the layers and pull them towards you. Be very careful not to tear the delicate tissue paper. If you do, don't worry, I'm sure it won't be noticeable!

{ half way there! }

[STEP SIX] Attach string to your floral wire and hang!

Simple enough for a dramatic look!

MY FINISHED POM POMS!!! Love the neon bright colors and how fun they are! Perfect decor for Spring & Summer! Great idea for party decorations as well ;)

For the final look stop by the stores next week and see them up and in the windows! Let me know what you think of them! Enjoy your Saturday and possibly get crafty with something today ;) Stop by the stores and say hey! Love seeing your faces!


Love, Dani