Spotlight on Martha Sugalski!!!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great Super Bowl weekend! I was so excited to see how Madonna's performance was going to be, and I loved it! She definitely didn't disappoint! I think most everyone was expecting Madonna to be a flop, but every ones response so far has been pleasantly surprised at how captivating it was!

Now enough about football...

My weekend started out fabulous on Friday night! I was given the opportunity to give you guys a behind the scenes look at Martha Sugalski and her in the WESH studio! Most of you know her as the gorgeous face on WESH and the Sophie&Trey/4th&Ocean WESH model;) Many of you have asked about her in the store and wonder how she chooses what she wears, and what she is like! Well, me and my girl Maura headed over to the WESH 2 Studio Friday night to answer all your questions!
Most of you will recognize Maura as one of the girls who works at Sophie&Trey/4th&Ocean! Maura is a senior at Lake Mary High School and is an aspiring journalist. She asked me one day if there was any way she could talk to Martha about what she does. I told Martha, and she immediately invited us to the studio and gave Maura the opportunity to see what she would be getting into! Maura is currently deciding which college she will attend, she is between a few schools but her two top picks are University of Alabama and UCF! I'll keep you updated when she decides!

Martha is looking fabulous here in a Sophie&Trey top, skirt, and shoes! She discovered Sophie&Trey about two years ago from a friend! Coming from Miami, Martha was used to high pace fashion and always being on top of the latest trends. When she told her friend that she was looking for a boutique with unique and trendy finds, her friend sent her our way! She found us before we had expanded to our current location! She has been shopping with us through all of our changes and expansions. When she found us it was a perfect match! Sophistication and Trend is what she needed and we work together every week on keeping her work attire fun and appropriate! Martha's work is a huge part of her life, but we also work together on keeping her non-work wardrobe trendy too! She has a beautiful family and loves to feel and look great when she is on family outings!

Maura and I arriving at the WESH Studio! There was even a "Welcome" screen for us!

Jim Payne, Maura, Martha Sugalski, and Me! We were able to see them film live newscasts and see all the work that goes into every detail! It was so amazing to see the whole production! Not only is Martha totally put together visually everyday, but she is so professional and amazing at what she does! She may love fashion and being on top of  the trends, but one of the most interesting things I learned about her is how passionate she is about the news! She will even joke and call herself a "news geek"! Delivering the news to all of us everyday is so important to her. She genuinely cares and is involved with making sure the news we receive everyday is relevant and prompt.

Maura and Tony Mainolfi. Maura got to see Tony give the weather report too! Who knows...maybe Maura will strike an interest in becoming a weather reporter! Tony was so nice, he said he will be bringing Mrs. Mainolfi into the stores very soon! Maybe a Valentine's Day gift in her near future?! hehe

The whole team is amazing! Carling(top left) works on the teleprompter, she helps write some of the stories and makes sure they are delivered to the news anchors correctly! Damon(top right) works on the cameras and microphones. He electronically moves the cameras to all there different angles and hooks the microphones up on the news anchors! He is the one who has to work around the fashions and connect a microphone somewhere! They were both so nice and excited to show us what they do!

We visited the Control Room and saw the producers hard at work! This room was amazing! There are so many different things going on at once, I don't know how they kept up with it all!

After we saw everything in action, Maura had a chance to sit down with Martha and be a journalist! 
Maura taking notes during her interview with Martha!

Here is an inside look at Maura's interview with Martha Sugalski!

1.) Q. When did you decide that you wanted to become a journalist?

A. Ever since she was a little girl she knew she wanted to be a journalist. She always loved and had a passion for the news.

2.) Q.What were the steps you had to take to get to where you are now?

A. She graduated from FAU and interned at WPBF-TV in West Palm Beach and became a reporter for them. After reporting in West Palm, she then moved to Miami and was a reporter. She then became an anchor for that station. She began her career at WESH-TV in 2006.

3.) Q. Do you have specific attire guidelines that you have to follow on camera?

A. Her boss wanted her to be herself but have appropriate work attire which is why she loves Sophie&Trey/4th&Ocean. She says the stores fit her personality and style perfectly and she loves the prices, the variability, and how there is only a limited amount of everything so not everyone has the same thing.

4.) Q. What has been your favorite fashion trend in 2011?

A. She just got into wearing skinny jeans last year and loves the knee high socks trend too!

5.) Q. What are you most excited about for the newest fashion trend in 2012?

A. Colored Skinnies!

6.) Q. How did you hear about Sophie&Trey/4th&Ocean?

A. A close friend of hers told her about the store when they were out to lunch one day. She visited us after in Sophie&Trey's original location and immediately fell in love!

Martha & Maura! What an amazing opportunity and experience!

Uh-Oh Jim! You better watch out! Two blondes on the camera, Orlando wouldn't know what hit them! :)

This is one of my favorite blazers! The royal blue blazer from S&T is stunning!

Rocking the black bell-sleeve dress and gold/black layered necklace from S&T!

Emerald green dress with gorgeous necklace from S&T! We love using gem tone colors on camera!

Martha interviewing Ellen DeGeneres in Sophie&Trey/4th&Ocean!
Thank you again Martha and everyone at WESH for a fabulous time! When we left for the evening we were even escorted to our car by the nicest security guard! Martha is on WESH 2 News every night at 4, 5, 6, 10, & 11 PM! Make sure to tune in and support her! I can tell you first hand you will be getting the news you need to hear and seeing great fashion all at the same time! What's better than that?!

I hope everyone has a great week! Don't forget this Thursday is the Valentine's Day Event at Sophie&Trey/4th&Ocean.