Be Inspired To Give Yourself A New Look

This blog is about getting inspired to get out of your everyday hair rut and try something NEW!  Last month Rachel turned me on the wand!  Get your mind out of the gutter I am talking about a curling iron.  But not just any curling iron the wand enables you to get those effortless beach waves that everyone wants to look like they rolled out of bed with.  I bought the Conair brand but Rachel has the Revlon Wand which is half the price.  

It takes a little time to master but once you do you won't know how you went without.  Just make sure to keep your figures away because the wand can get up to 400 degrees!   Ouch!!
This month Rachel decided to do the sock bun.  Here a couple of pictures of Rachel!

So again she looks fabulous!  So I set out today to find out how I can master this awesome trend.
First, put your hair in a ponytail.  Second, cut the toe off of a sock and roll it up until it looks like a donut.  Next, put your ponytail through the middle of sock, but keep the sock at the end of your ponytail.  Last, start rolling your hair around the sock, and keep rolling the edges under it until you have a bun!  Use pins to secure the ends into place.

Just in case you are not inspired, here are some pics that are sure to!

Have fun with this trend I know I will!