Biking in S&T Style

Our big Christmas present this year from my parents was bikes! Ofcourse,I had to order the new hard to get one that would take three months to get in...typical! ;)...
Well, this past Thursday; right before the big Spring Showcase Fashion Show, my bike arrived! It was definitely worth the wait, it is fabulous! 
We got our bikes from Olde Towne Cyclery, right next to 4th&Ocean! They are amazing there, we told them exactly what we wanted and they got it all hooked up for us! So...let me fill you in on my's a cross between a cruiser and a sporty bike. It has eight speeds, so I can still keep up with Kenny! ...because you know he got a mountain/road bike, meant for going fast and hitting jumps! haha...and that isn't for me! It has a little generator in one of the wheels that makes the light in the front work! One of my favorite features is the enclosed chaincase and full fenders so you can ride in a maxi skirt, flare jeans, dress, or whatever! A bike that I can still wear a maxi skirt with?!?!...
now that's just pure genius!

Taking our bikes and Baby Kenny in his bike trailer out for a ride this past Saturday!

Feeling out my new bike in S&T jeans, 4th&Ocean top, and 4th&Ocean sandals!

I'll make sure to wear a maxi skirt or dress next time...just because I can! hehe

He's getting ready for his ride...he loves riding around, he always has a big smile on his face! 

My new bike! I still want to do some custom detailing on it! ...Olde Towne Cyclery is helping me get all the pieces to make it truly mine! 

I LOVE this cruiser! Their going to order the seat and handle bars for me from this bike!

Can't wait to get our bikes on the beach!

Riding my bike for the first time! S&T coral jeans were perfect for riding a bike and I paired the jeans with a 4th&Ocean blue tie-dye top and 4th&Ocean boat shoes!
In front of the Olde Towne Cyclery Shop, in Downtown Lake Mary!

If you're in the market for a bike definitely go check out Olde Towne Cyclery!!! They carry so many great brands and can help you find exactly what you want! 

I hope everyone has a great start to their week! We got Baby Kenny's 1st Birthday invitations done this weekend! So we will be getting those sent out this week, and the planning will be in full effect!