Lovely in Lace

Who doesn't love lace? It's the ultimate lady like look! It has been taken from Madonna's "Like a Virgin" to being sexy and sophisticated! Go classic in neutral lace by wearing a white or creme. Always seductive this color is delicate and romantic. Load your lace up with attitude this season with a bold bright color! You can achieve such a variety of looks whether it's seriously sensual or street edge there is a lace look that can fit your style!

My personal fave! I love this lace bell sleeved dress! It's hippie chic but super feminine at the same time! Only $38.99 at!

Who doesn't love a sheer creme top?!? Perfect to pair with shorts, a skirt, business attire or a pair of colored denim! For only $29.99 you can score this chic top that will carrying you through spring, summer and all the way to fall while still being in style!
Love this off white lace! So feminine and flirty! Only $49.99 at Sophie & Trey!
Martha Sugalski rocking the lace dress from above on WESH News the other night!! She looks fierce!

Take lace to the next level with an eye catching color! Love the zipper down the back for a touch of edge! Only $39.99 at Sophie & Trey!
These modern lace taupe shorts are perfect! Lace is evolving to fit modern style these are a must have for only $48.00 at
The lace and ribbon jacket is the ultimate feel of being a girl! Only $38.99 at

Get away from the idea that lace is bridal and see how it can be so much more! Add your go to accessories or unexpected shoes to liven up your lace dress! It's important to note that a slim, above-the-knee silhouette is key to avoid looking like a blushing bride. So next time you are craving a sweet, cool and casual look reach for a lace dress! To ease your way in or add just a touch of this trend and still get the same result add a lace jacket, shorts or shirt!

Enjoy your weekend!! Don't forget next Thursday March 8th 7pm-9pm is our SPRING SHOWCASE!!!

Love, Dani