Mad Men Inspired

Today is the day! Mad Men Premiere! It's on at 9pm on AMC! Me and my man are addicted to this show! about 6 months ago I started watching the first season when I visited my brother in California, so then when I came home I introduced it to Matt and we have been hooked ever since! We've bought all the seasons and watched them and now tonight is the premiere! I know I'm so excited it's pathetic! lol :) So sticking with my Mad Men theme here's some party ideas and modern day looks with a 50's and 60's twist to inspire you! And yes we are having a party. We'll it's just me and him. I tried to get him to dress in a suit but he wouldn't go for it ;) lol




Now to the important things....MAD MEN ATTIRE! 

Mad Men character, Joan in stunning red.
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Mad Men characters - Betty Draper, Joan & Peggy
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The Wealthy Housewife
It's all about slim pants and a blouse! Use fun floral or classic solids.
The Young Socialite
Walk the line between sassy and sweet. A black dress does just that, using shapes inspired by '60s debutantes but with a little wink of sex appeal.
The Bombshell
Anyone can pull off this look, but the secret is knowing your shape and accentuating your best parts, a la Joan. Whether you're getting a start up agency off the ground, or in charge of something more established, a curve enhancing look is the perfect mix of business and bombshell.
The Up-and-Comer
Peggy might have been a late-bloomer, but Season 3 proved she is as capable of exploiting her office (and bedroom) talents as anyone else. A neck tie bow blouse can accessorize your look to a whole new level. 
The Free-Spirit
A nonchalant lifestyle isn't as easy as it might seem: Transitioning from schoolteacher to the other woman requires the perfect outfit. Go with a pattern like floral or something that's both modern and a little zany -- and perhaps inspired by the Draper's bathroom wallpaper.
The Enchantress
Echoing the glam, black-tie outfits of Mad Men's fancier themes is a bit of a fashion dream -- especially since long, bugle-beaded evening gowns aren't quite practical. A sheen and vintage inspired floral dress projects sass yet regal attitude.
The Glam Factor
And then there are days when you wake up and thank the lord it's not 1963 -- you can wear jeans, sneakers, and a don't-mess-with-me scowl for your husband. On those days, there's a three-second way to channel some vintage glamour -- a streak of deep red lipstick that's thick, matte and inspired by the complicated beauty of the early '60s -- just like your favorite TV show.
For Mad Women and Mad Men
At Sterling Cooper, men and women have separate jobs, distinct salaries, and a different set of office politics to avoid. What they do have in common? Styling accessories, like sunglasses! Shades are worn by everyone from Audrey Hepburn to Bob Dylan. Don Draper has a pair; so does Jane Siegel.

So there you have it! Some looks and guidelines for dressing like a Mad Women! Be inspired and embrace the early 60's as they are being seen more and more in major magazines and on the runways of the biggest designers! Use a vintage piece and give it a modern edge with a personal touch! These are classic ideas that can be used as fashion changes and develops so you can transform them as the fashion trends do!

 Stop in the stores this week and let us help you!
Love, Dani