On the Catwalk

It's Friday dolls! Yay! The weekend has arrived! For some of you Spring Break is coming to a close! For those of us who don't get one it's just the beginning of another few days off and time to enjoy the weekend! My weekend had a head start last night when Rachel, Kristin, Kailey and I headed off to another fashion show event! They are always a blast! Sophie & Trey/4th & Ocean were invited to an event at the Heaven Event Center off Sand Lake Road. The event was called "On the Catwalk" and there were tons of people, sponsors and other merchants there! The event featured a fashion show so that's where we came in! We had 3 models provided for us plus me and Kailey that walked in the show. Kristin and Rachel maned the booth! It was such a success! I know I'm biased but we rocked the runway the best! ;) Our models and looks were fabulous! I took some pics of the night and behind the scenes!
Ready to go! Also sporting the NEW Sophie & Trey logo tanks!!!! Car was slammed packed! We took my mom's minivan ;) Heaven Event Center was amazing! I'd never been there and it was gorgeous!

View of the catwalk and then a view from it! Our booth is off to the left where you see that rack of clothes!

Minivan pulled right up front to unload! ;) We owned the night! Hahaha! The banner and red carpet when you walked in! Our store featured ;)

The stunning pieces of clothing we brought to show off! Plus a picture of the event coordinators and DJ! Shannon Gunn (on the right was the go to woman!) She's awesome! Plus she is wearing Sophie & Trey!!!!!!

Our table set up with all our fierce goodies!
Models getting their hair done!!! There were 5 hairdressers, 1 make up artist and 19 models!!!! All in one room!

Kailey and me getting glamorous!!! Doing our make up on a conference table ;) lol Plus they brought up some chips & guac and some wine for all the models ;) Yum. 

Johanna looking stunning in our S&T maxi, orange bag and black heels! Crystal is wearing a statement piece necklace with purples and silver! It definitely made the outfit! Plus she is wearing a lavender blouse top with the Dittos jeans and topping it off with an Alexander McQueen inspired knuckle duster clutch!

Kailey in the gorgeous new 4th & Ocean Moroccan dress paired with S&T zebra heels and bag! Anata is wearing the white blazer, black S&T tank with the tropical orange skinnies! To set it off we added a gold spike necklace, gold clutch and gold pointed pumps (not pictured)!

I wore the Mint & beige lace sheer dress! I loved! Rachel & Kristin wearing S&T! Rach has on a teal hi-low skirt with a S&T tank! Kristin is wearing a creme blouse top and print wide pants! Both looking beautiful!
After rocking the runway!!! Fabulous job ladies!

A few pictures during the show!

What a night! Now time to pack up and head home!
The fashion shows are always a good time! Love meeting new people, networking and sharing the Sophie & Trey love! Always be on the look out for our events at the stores and others we are involved in!

Enjoy your weekend and don't forget the FOOD TRUCKS ARE THIS SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! In Downtown Lake Mary from 1pm-4pm and then stop in the stores and come see me!

Love, Dani