Set Sail

Hey dolls! Wednesday is here and I am so glad! My Tuesday brought nothing but a HUGE $256 ticket! plus the news that a custom wedding order cancelled and the my man can NOT attend my best friend's wedding with me in April! None the less I am glad it is a new day! (and that the weekend is closer so I can kick back and sulk in a bottle of wine ;) Hahaha My Ticket $256 = a bottle of Walmart wine (Oakleaf) = $3.00 ;) lol I did however have a fantastic Monday night at the TASTE OF LAKE MARY!!! To check out Kristin's review and all the photos (including me and my man) - CLICK HERE

Anyways it is also SPRING BREAK for all your Seminole county people! Whoop whoop! A lot of you have had major plans of hitting the beach, traveling south and booking cruises! So to go with those beach side themes we have some amazing options for chic seaside styles! We are loving the classic sailor themes of blues and whites! Absolutely can't go wrong with this! You can modernize it or add some edge whichever your personality prefers!!
And sometimes good things fall apart, so that better things can get together..
Magazines are featuring articles upon articles of how to be sail chic when hitting the sun this season no matter where you are! Whether going international on a Greek Isle cruise or just wondering 45 minutes to New Symrna you must be looking top notch and in ship shape!

Here's some ideas and inspiration for your setting sail look which also will set the tone for your summer!

This nautical blue and white striped top is classic! Only $32.99 at 4th & Ocean! Get a pair of high waisted denim at either Sophie & Trey or 4th & Ocean!

Love adding some spice to the always staple blue and white by using red! Here it is done just right by using the red anchor! Top only $38.99, dark denim pants $34.99. Don't let your hair get tangled in the wind, throw on this simply chic fedora! All items available at 4th & Ocean!

This look switched up from the classic and uses black, browns & cremes! Pairing this light weight sweater with white shorts screams "I'm on vacation!" Sweater only $32.99, white shorts $39.99 at 4th & Ocean!  

Simply chic and loving it! This dress is perfect for anything close to the water! Look like you own a yacht wearing this! The anchor and rope belt detail just top this whole thing off! Dress only $49.99 at 4th & Ocean!

These one size fits all dresses are so comfy! Definitely a must for when you spend a little too much time in the sun! Available in a variety of colors and only $29.99 at 4th & Ocean!

This has to be one of my favorite looks! Putting a modern edge on a classic sailor look! Using the bright sunshine shorts and a seamless white tank then adding this light blue anchor sweater is flawless! When the breeze from the ocean is causing a chill in the air you will look and feel just right! Anchor sweater only $32.99, white seamless tank $14.99, gold chain necklace $14.99 and sunshine shorts $24.99 all available at 4th & Ocean!

Sometime we tend to forget our accessories! Just because you are near the water, on vacation, by a boat or at the beach doesn't mean you can't complete your ocean side looks with fun accessories! Try one of these fabulous rings! They add a fun and flirty look but stay with your seaside theme! Starfish ring $12.99 and Octopus ring $9.99. The sterling silver plated Starfish necklace for only $24.99 and earrings for only $29.99 are perfect to glam up with a simple touch of sparkle! For a casual pop of color go with the whale trapped in green gold necklace! It's only $29.99 but what it adds to your look is priceless!!!! Another staple item is an anchor scarf! Whether you tie it in your hair, hang it around your neck, use it as a belt or wrap it around your shoulders to keep the ocean chill off, for only $12.99 it's a must have!

Don't forget your perfect tote to store all your necessities! This brown striped carry or over the shoulder bag is only $45.00 at 4th & Ocean!

Aren't you in the mood to pack up and head to an exotic getaway? I am! Even if you are on a budget having a few of these key items are perfect for the summer! And instead of an exotic getaway to the beaches of Italy, do what I do and just head to New Smyrna or another local watering hole! Still maintain your chicness no matter your destination!

Love, Dani