Wedding Shoe Game

Happy Sunday! Had my best friend, McKenzie's bridal shower today! So much fun! Pictures will be on later this week. I had the always talented and my go to photographer, Photography by Marisol come and take pictures during the shower. It was such a great day and had such a great time celebrating her becoming Mrs. Cohen! We had a great day of mimosas, lunch, presents and catching up with friends! I'm so excited for Kenzie! I've known her since 2nd grade and she is like a sister! She couldn't have found a better man that treats her like the queen she is. They definitely are a perfect match! 

With the shower comes shower games!!! And that was my job. Kenzie isn't a fan of being the center of attention and cheesy games are not my thing. So I wanted to do games that were fun but yet fit the bride & groom's personality. One of the games I decided to do was the "Shoe Game". This is where the bride and groom stand with their backs to each other. They then take off their shoes and give one to the other. Therefore each have one of their shoes in one hand and the other's in the other hand. You then ask them a list of questions. They hold up the shoe as the answer. Example being I asked - "who is in charge of the remote?". They both held up Kenzie's shoe. It's funny when they agree and disagree. Makes for a fun, interactive and memorable game. Here's a list of questions in case you want to give it a try. You can imagine how great it is! lol ;)


-who is the biggest flirt
-who made the first move
-who's the better cook
-who said "I LOVE YOU" first
-who has the wackiest family
-who's the better driver
-who's the faster driver
-who spends the most time in front of a mirror
-who is in control of the checkbook
-who is most likely to eat desert for breakfast
-who wears the pants in the family
-who is in charge of the remote
-who spends the most time getting ready to go out
-who will be doing most of the yard work
-if you haven't already... who is most likely to pass gas in front of the other first
-now that you're married, who will be the first to say... "not tonight"
-who's the better kisser
-who will be the first to fall asleep tonight
-who has the smelliest feet
-who steals the cover's more
-who popped the question
-who says "I love you" the most in one day
-who talks more
-who's most likely to use up all the hot water
-who's most likely to get lost
-who's most likely to ask for directions
-who's the 1st one to make up after a fight
-who's the one that started the fight in the first place
-who's the most likely to wake up grumpy in the morning
-who's most likely to wake up with a hangover in the morning
-who's most likely to be running late
-who spends more money
(always ask this next question last)
-and finally... Who do you love the most in the whole wide world...

Such a fun and entertaining game for all! It was a hit and pretty hilarious! Try it out next time you are planning a bridal shower or wedding event! 
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Love, Dani