Wrap Your Style Dress

Loving this convertible wrap dress at Sophie & Trey for only $38.99!  Here we have Rachel wearing the dress five different ways!  But you can wrap it hundreds of ways to fit your style and body type.

1.  The front halter with twisted back.  Cross in front of neck, twist down the back, wrap around waist and tie at the back.

 2.  Open back cap sleeve.  Bring the sleeves straight up wrap around shoulder then wrap around the waist once or twice to secure.

 3.  Cap sleeve twisted back.  Bring straight up and twist before wrapping around the shoulder.  Twist three times in the middle of the back then wrap around waist and tie at back to secure.

 4.  Twisted front halter.  Twist around each other at the neck then pull straight over shoulders and knot again at the back for wrapping around the waist to finish.

 5.  Open back one shoulder.  Bring both ends to one shoulder twist down the side of your back then wrap around waist and tie to secure.

This is just a few ways to use this dress.  There are literally hundreds of variations!  For a wedding or a date this is your go to dress.

Finish of the look with these metallic gold shoes for $38.00.

I can't wait to try on the best styles for me!