Running with Bleach

Hello dollfaces! ;) Hope you all are having a great week and looking forward to the weekend! I can't believe we are in April already! Man time is flying extra fast this year! Want to remind you all that in 2 weeks it's April 21st and that is the LAKE MARY 5K RUN!!!!!!!!! Hope you all have been training ;) lol I have not! I need to get my run on!

This is going to be such a great morning! It is a great way to start your Saturday on the 21st! The run begins at 7:30am so get there early! When you cross the finish line there will be water and fruit for you to enjoy!!!

Come stop by the store we have some registrations behind the counter! Just ask us and we will be more than happy to give you one and explain what to do!

Sophie & Trey SHIRT CHALLENGE!!!
  You have a chance to win $100 gift card!

All you have to do is make a shirt that says "Sophie & Trey" (big enough to read from a distance because I'll be at the finish line waiting and looking at the shirts!) or if you have been in the store recently and received one of our S&T Tanks you could wear that! Either way the 1st person to cross the finish line wearing a shirt that reads Sophie & Trey gets the gift card!!!!!!!!!!!!
These are the shirts available in the store! If you spend $100 you get one for FREE!!! We still have some available so hurry in! OR......

Here is an idea for making your own shirt!!! I love this! All you do is stencil out what you want the shirt to say on contact paper! Stick it to the shirt. Then use a bleach pen and color in the stencil! ****Remember to put a piece of cardboard or plastic inside the shirt so the pen doesn't leak through to the backside! ;) Easy, simple and so fun! This is a great idea for making shirts for your sorority, a bachelorette party, and anything else custom you want to make without spending a ton of money to get them printed!!!!

Now you all have no excuses on why you can't run the 5K!!! Even if it's just for fun and you aren't a runner you should still come out and try! It will be a beautiful day! If you don't have someone to run with come run with us!!! We all will be there so we can run together! ;) Plus it's a super cheap run and all the proceeds go to helping our local community!!!! So perfect! You get some exercise and help out!

Get up and let's go! Come in today and grab a registration or click the link above to register online! I'll be working till 4 today and would love to see your face! Hope your Wednesday is a great one!

Love, Dani