Faded Glory

As I was in the back room anxiously unpacking new shipments full of treasures, I came upon this truly incredible maxi skirt. This skirt is the ideal statement piece complete with a sheer overlay, an ombre print, and a royal-worthy purple and butter-cream colored combo. As soon as I laid eyes on this gorgeous item, I started thinking of all the fabulous ways to incorporate it into my daily wardrobe. Two looks came to mind: "boho chic" and "edgy glam." Here are the two complete looks styled entirely from only the best of the best: 4th & Ocean and Sophie & Trey (of course!). 

Boho Chic

This outfit belongs on the busy streets of New York. The loose-fitting flowy top (find it online from Sophie & Trey) is balanced out by the chunky black heels. These groovy sunglasses and chic-as-chic-can-be black floppy hat are two fashionable alternatives to being blinded by the sun. To properly accessorize and maintain the eclectic feel of the look, the studded purse with fringe and long pendant are the ideal finishing touches.

Edgy Glam

Whether you're convinced you have nothing to wear to out on your hot date or simply want a sexy and fun look to wear with your closest girlfriends for a night out on the town, this is the outfit for you. Entirely glam from head to toe, this look screams "look at me--I'm fabulous!" The mixture of red with purple is a daring, edgy, and totally do-able. The look is pulled together with a glamorous statement necklace from 4th & Ocean, rockin' Sam Edelman-esque spiked black flats, and a patent faux snakeskin clutch from Sophie & Trey.

**Add this look to your wardrobe and be the most stylish one in the room!

Boho Chic:
Edgy Glam:

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