Feel-Good Fabrics

From the silks, to the knits, to the lace--this season is all about texture. Crisp, light cotton is detailed with embroidering, soft lace is taken to the next level with a scalloped detail, and smooth silky pieces contrast the open knit of the versatile summer sweater. Each piece is made for comfort, yet possesses its own unique style. Our stores are filled with cozy, silky, and light-and-airy pieces that are ideal for both daily relaxation and a special night out. 

Take each of these pieces from day to night by switching the accessories and still keeping the comfort!

Spice up your wardrobe with some texture!
Image 1: Embroidered coral top, Ikat cotton skirt
Image 2: Navy lace romper, Turquoise necklace ($14.99 at Sophie&Trey)
Image 3: Silky floral top, Turquoise/Gold necklace ($19.99 at Sophie&Trey)
Image 4: Aqua embroidered shorts, Fringed knit poncho
Image 5: Scalloped cream crochet shorts ($29.99 at 4th&Ocean), Sage knit top 
Image 6: Pastel Tangerine striped sweater, Stone pendant

Stay stylish,