Lovin' Leopard

Hey dolls! First off - Don't forget about tomorrow night!!!!!!!!

Don't miss out!!! 7pm - 9pm!! Sales and a giveaway! You WANT to get this beach bag giveaway! Trust me! PLUS the skinny margaritas are amazing! I am obsessed! Come to find out the recipe!!!!!!!!

Back to fashion trends....

I'm obessed with my new leopard shorts from 4th & Ocean! I love the color of this pair. We also have a grey and pink which are also fabulous! Now let me be completely honest with you all. I'm not the biggest leopard print fan. It took me a bit to get into this trend and now that I'm there I am loving it!!! I loved these shorts but was a tad hesitant when I first tried them on. I was like "Whoa so big!". I usually wear a small in shorts but they were too big and looked funny to me. (I am my biggest critic!!!) A few days later Ryan encouraged me to try the XS. So I did. They were still a little big in the crotch (sorry TMI? lol ) area. Keep in mind they are high waisted shorts. I wanted them so bad tho! So I got them anyways, took them home and washed them! SCORE!!! They are perfect!!! Being high waisted you want them to fit snug, not cutting off your circulation snug but you know. I love that I can dress them up or down! Pair them with black or go with a colored top! They fun, flirty and I feel like a trendy rockstar! Did I mention they are super comfy!?!?!? I might be living in these shorts this summer so don't knock me if you see me rocking them in the store once a week ;) lol

Stone Gem Necklace in a variety of colors only $14.99 at 4th & Ocean!

Leopard shorts (available in a few colors) ONLY $24.99 at 4th & Ocean!!!!!!!!!!

Sunnies only $9.99 at Sophie & Trey!

So stop by the Beach Party tomorrow, grab a skinny margarita, enter the beach bag giveaway and pick up your own pair of leopard shorts!!! Remember you might want to try a size down from your normal and you want the pair that fits a tad loose not the pair that is 2 sizes down and too tight! Once you wash them they will fit perfectly!!!!!

At Sophie & Trey you can score on these NEW and super fabulous leopard jeans!!!! These are amazing! Soft and true to size you will live in these as well when you are sitting in class, work or for night life! Rock the shorts during daytime, beach livin' or running errands!

Skinnies available at Sophie & Trey or online at www.sophieandtrey.com!

OR opt for a slip dress & leopard top like this one at Sophie & Trey or online www.sophieandtrey.com!

I'll be at 4th & Ocean tomorrow night to help you find just the right size in shorts!!!! Any of the girls can help as well at either store with all these looks!

Look forward to seeing all my lady friends there and that better include YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Dani