A Natural Beauty & A Bright Idea

When strolling through a big city -- usually with an armful of shopping bags, consequently making my purse feel significantly lighter -- one of my most adored activities is to be able to stop and stare at a magnificent window display. The displays tell you a story, draw you in, and create a dignified brand image. That tease of just a few perfectly-placed products can lure you in and let you discover the treasures that are found inside. This is just the experience that I wished to bring to Downtown Lake Mary. 

So, I took the idea and I ran with it. I immediately made a list of all the feelings I get when I'm in both stores. For 4th & Ocean, it's a whimsical, bohemian, and truly natural feel; for Sophie & Trey, it's a colorful, structured, sophisticated feel. Once I had tried to put the atmosphere onto paper, I thought about current trends that are featured in the stores while I poured through magazines, Women's Wear Daily and other influential blogs. 4th & Ocean screams laid-back, earth-inspired, and comfy-chic which aligns perfectly with the pastel colors, tribal trend, "of the birds" trend, and of course, florals. Sophie & Trey, on the other hand, featured all the fabulous bright colors and structured pieces that are overflowing the racks this Spring/Summer. Eventually, I created the theme "A Natural Beauty" for 4th & Ocean's windows, and "A Bright Idea" for Sophie & Trey's. Then came the truly fun part, deciding how to fill the windows!

I painted accent light bulbs in a bright cobalt, poppin' pink, and neon orange to hang above the mannequins making them appear to have a "bright" idea. To tie the two stores together, I filled the glamorous clear bulbs with rocks and moss for miniature terrariums that coordinated with the terrariums grouped in the windows and by the front counter. 

To give Sophie & Trey the playful statement "pop" that it deserves, I wrapped various sizes of empty frames with colored ribbons. They turned out being far more meticulous than I had planned; I ended up going through over 25 rolls of ribbon! It was an absolutely victorious moment to see the final product hanging in the window with no unraveling in sight! 

When all the wrapping, planting, and crafting was done, I loaded everything up and began the installation! Below is the finished product of "A Natural Beauty" at 4th & Ocean, complete with terrariums, soft pastels, and a birdcage showcasing a fabulous coral statement necklace!

In contrast, here's the final product for Sophie & Trey's "A Bright Idea!" This window has hanging bulbs with accent colors, fabulous ribbon-covered frames, and the most incredible color-filled ensembles behind them!

Put a trip to Downtown Lake Mary on the tip-top of your to-do list! Come by and visit both the stores to see these fabulous windows in person! You never know what kind of treasures will be inside! Enjoy!

Stay stylish,