Purple Pout

Make up Lesson today dolls! ;) Every spring we see a deluge of purple makeup hit counters, and every year women avoid those pretty shadows, liners, and lip colors like the plague. What gives? Plum, lilac, violet, and aubergine are all shades that are supremely flattering on a wide variety of skin tones, and yet you shun them!?!? To hell with that ladies — your fear of purple ends today!

To get this pretty pout, begin by muting out your natural lip color with foundation. Take a lip liner close to the shade of lipstick you will be using and fill in your lips, starting in the center and going all the way to the outer edges. This will prevent any bleeding and provide long-wear coverage. A true violet is flattering on all skin tones."

Lilac Illusion (top) and Blazing Violet are available at Sophie & Trey ONLY $1.99!!!! There's no excuse to not try this at that price!!! Try a subtle, soft look for day and casual or go bold for a night out! Make up is to accentuate and have fun with sometimes! Sweep on one layer of either for a super simple touch of a light purple. The more you put on the heavier the purple.  Take a risk. You can always wash it off!

Next time your in the store toss one in your pile before checkout and make purple pop on your pout!
Love, Dani