Sight Seeing

With the hot summer sun blazing down, it's difficult to maintain a complete look without the perfect shades to coordinate. Luckily, the most incredible pairs of sunglasses I've seen are right at your fingertips! From cat-eye to aviators to tortoise to vintage-inspired, these stylish specs are guaranteed to be the perfect final touch to your already-fabulous outfit! The color options are endless; featured below are some of my favorites in cream, black, tortoise, and olive.

Keep your look feminine and fresh with these darling cat-eye inspired shades. 
Add glam with accents of gold!

Stay shady and mysterious with these incredibly alluring all-black pairs.

Spice up your look with a boho-chic shade.
The olive & tangerine combo give an instant pop of color, while the tortoise will blend beautifully with whatever you wear!

For only $9.99 a pair, make sure you grab these gorgeous glasses to stylishly shade your eyes! Which specs best suit your style?

Stay stylish,